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  1. What a strange way of working - you should do the exact opposite! Obviously you don't need workgroup referencing and are not worried about some team members amending superseded versions of the design.
  2. So there. A fully-owned subsidiary of Apple Computers can't get obsolete versions of its software to work with the latest Apple OS. Who should be sacked?
  3. Dear me! Not only is NNA responsible for Apple's operating system changes but also for software by third parties. Fiorello: Hey, wait, wait. What does this say here? This thing here. Driftwood: Oh, that? Oh, that's the usual clause. That's in every contract. That just says uh, it says uh, "If any of the parties participating in this contract is shown not to be in their right mind, the entire agreement is automatically nullified." Fiorello: Well, I don't know... Driftwood: It's all right, that's, that's in every contract. That's, that's what they call a 'sanity clause'. Fiorello: Ha ha ha ha ha! You can't fool me! There ain't no Sanity Clause!
  4. Well, assuming that nothing has changed, why would a perfectly good PIO not compile - especially after it has been used in testing for dozens of times and I just need a copy that I can encrypt for distribution. Not that it would matter, because I can't duplicate plug-ins in VW 2008... No, that is a statement that may not be true: I can duplicate them, but first they lose all parameters and after closing VW they disappear from the folder.
  5. Doesn't it? Well, the Good Marylandians behind the documentation must come from the famous Welsh village of Llareggub... Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for me - or at least my bank manager) creating parametric objects is not quite that easy. Parametric objects (of which you create these red symbols) are not shaken but stirred: you don't draw them, you write them in program code. I'd love to give you an example, but since posting my code always causes some Forum Members to become erratic, if not frantic or diarrhetic, I won't. (There are people around here who lose their minds and shoot from the hip when they see ?. I imagine they are people who religiously believe that their designs - if any - can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, for free. Bless their souls - they've put everything they have ever done to Public Domain and won't sue anyone who builds a hundred McMansions from the "drawings" they prepared for their second cousin. The said cousin being the only person ignorant and na?ve enough to commission them. Ahh - now I get it! The said "designers" have never built anything!)
  6. It is, isn't it! Hey, all I needed to do is to buy a Mac. You should try one at least once.
  7. No. I'm using a Mac - and that does not refer to a hamburger nor to Penny Lane. The Tiger, however, goes to sleep when the Energy Saver tells it to and wakes up, ready to hunt, when I click the Mouse. EDIT My FireWire discs also are at my beck and call immediately when the Tiger wakes up.
  8. One should keep in mind that the last saved version may not be the real latest version. A professional CAD-program for not-so-smart-sized firms would have an internal system for managing versions. On the Mac one would not even be hugely difficult to implement via AppleScript. Let's for a moment assume that VW would be a Mac-only program with a decent AppleScript suite, accessible with VectorScript. When the Job Captain's initials would be entered in the revision tracking system of the Title Block object (after Keychain authorization, of course), the file would be saved & copied to all appropriate (smart) folders. * Of course this is pure fantasy as VW needs to be compatible with DumboOS and Cheapskates Extraordinaire. But in an ideal world, VW could be used by firms employing more than one person (doing McMansions.) That would be smart, eh? Naww... EDIT *) and exported as DWG & IFC to Central Project Databases, via FTP.
  9. Not so. My disc definitely goes to sleep, but in the dongle the lights shine brightly immediately when we wake up.
  10. Not on the Mac... I just restarted my machine for the first time in a month or so. In the jungle, the mighty jungle The Tiger sleeps tonight Ixesha lifikile Lala Lala kahle
  11. Copy & paste error... VW 2008 crashed, as usual (happens easily 10 times a day when writing scripts.) I had that version on the clipboard. However, the superfluous calculation seems to make all the difference - it works even with Message. (Manuel (he's from Barcelona): I have a massage for you.)
  12. VW does not have SQL so even if the runtime version of FMP would not support direct talking (full version does), VW does not talk at all.
  13. I don't know. They were abe to send the confirmation messages all right...
  14. How odd... Actually this was needed: PROCEDURE SelectedPIOinWall; VAR thePIO, theWall : HANDLE; theType : INTEGER; isSelected : STRING; BEGIN theWall := FSACTLAYER; thePIO := FIN3D(theWall); WHILE thePio <> NIL DO BEGIN IF (GETTYPE(thePIO)= 86) THEN BEGIN IF SELECTED(thePIO) THEN isSelected := 'Selected' ELSE isSelected := 'Not selected' ; MESSAGE(isSelected); END; thePIO := NEXTOBJ(thePIO); END; END; RUN(SelectedPIOinWall); Thanks, Gerard! This may eventually lead to something useful. I mean if it actually works.
  15. Seconded. Cut and fill should also be differentiated with classes. I'd also like to have "rules" for automatic grading: "fill to the kerb at 1 to 5". Also, bring back classes for DTM graphics! This is not only important for VW users, it is essential when exporting a file containing a DTM.
  16. Is that so? Well, this makes quite a difference, then.
  17. I still can't test for the selection status of the PIO. (I'm getting a bit frustrated...) If I have the wall selected and say "MESSAGE(COUNT(SEL=TRUE));", I get 1. If I have one PIO in the wall selected, I get 2; if two PIOs, I get 3. So far, so good. The PIOs are counted as selected. However, if I run this: PROCEDURE SelectedPIOinWall; VAR thePIO, theWall : HANDLE; theType : INTEGER; BEGIN theWall := FSACTLAYER; thePIO := FIN3D(theWall); WHILE thePio <> NIL DO BEGIN IF (GETTYPE(thePIO)= 86) THEN MESSAGE(SELECTED(thePIO)); thePIO := NEXTOBJ(thePIO); END; END; RUN(SelectedPIOinWall); I get "FALSE" every time.
  18. I don't know how to establish which PIO is the one the user has selected. (I think they want me dead. I am constantly demonstrating that VW is not a good CAD-program.)
  19. Maybe. I actually accept cookies both in Firefox and Safari, but neither works. No exceptions.
  20. So, you are saying that I can't fill a form and reply to e-mails? OK: look to it. Why is it that for over 2 years I have not been able to subscribe to your mailing lists? The statement, by the way, is true.
  21. Hey, Katie - just get the List Nazi to allow me to subscribe! What is inappropriate is that a top expert like yours truly is not allowed to subscribe to your mailing lists. In fact, it is even counter-productive: if I wasn't censored, the unpleasant truths would stay in the family, instead of being in public view. Anyway, Katie's editing of my post is a brilliant example of the censorship mentality of NNA's politruks. EDIT (for the record): I used the term List Nazi, which was deleted by Katie Roberts.
  22. What? Dire? It does a fantastic job with McMansions... Actually, I also find the DTM module rather disappointing. It seems to be more reliable now, but even less flexible. I know that the programmer behind it is more than capable of writing an excellent product, but his brief (& fee) is obviously not to produce a professional-level earthworks program, just a HappyDTM - a cheap imitation of a DTM.
  23. How does one get a handle to a selected PIO in a wall? Eg. a door. If I select the door, FSACTLAYER is the wall. No variation of handle handling does not seem to work, so obviously this is very obvious to everyone but I.
  24. For reasons I can't explain, I am able to write here. However, I don't seem to be able to subscribe to NNA's mailing lists. After filling the form, replying to the registration confirmation messages (two), I still get You are not subscribed to any lists on this server. Obviously I am still a dangerous dissident and a threat to NNA's propaganda.
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