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  1. Set up a library of subroutines and $INCLUDE that. Then you can say DeleteAllSym. Since there are things that just cannot be done with VS, I'd rather see those aspects fixed & added, instead of adding an esoteric one-liner which performs an easily programmable, but (in my guess) very seldom needed task.
  2. Petri


    Well, hands up. Those who think that it works great and that there is nothing wrong with having classes you can't control and that do not export to an expected standard? OK. Those who think that the user should be in control? I think the "user control" has the majority. Sure - but they should not be called "Style-1" and so on. Utter nonsense.
  3. Let the record show that NNA has nothing to say on the subject.
  4. I should have noticed this before... Why would one always want a greyed class to become visible? If visible, become invisible, otherwise & regardless, become visible?
  5. Line #1: IF ((GetCVis('Guides')) = 0) THENBEGIN HideClass('guides');ENDELSE ShowClass('guides');END; | { Error: Identifier not declared. } | { Error: Expected THEN } | { Error: Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ;? } | { Error: Identifier not declared. }
  6. Petri


    I don't have a classification system in mind. In Finland we pretty much must use the SFS-standard "CAD layering", a totally horrible AutoCAD-compatible system that requires hundreds of classes. So, in my objects I leave the look (colour etc) entirely to the user while the component classes are, by default, as per the standard. Yes, this is doable: some of us can have "muntins" (whatever they are) in the muntins-class, but coloured by another class. Instead of the totalitarian pop-ups (which are based on the silly assumption that each window would have different materials, including glazing), I have text fields. My users can type a few words. If not, there are utility commands, but most Finnish architects are literate. However, as comes to product modeling (eg IFC), the entire window is just in one class, which would be ARF3200E0 for "non-specified" (including composite construction), ARF3210E0 for metal windows and ARF3220E0 for timber windows. In this regard, everything else is superfluous. EDIT So, I don't have a "muntin class". We do not have muntins (whatever they are) in Finland, but even if we did, why would I want to have a muntin class?
  7. In fact, I have no idea why one would need print previews in VW. WYSIWYG, you know. Especially with sheet layers.
  8. It's all in the documentation of VectorScript. Anyone who has done programming in many languages should be able to figure it out. No? Dear me... Your advice has not been good, then. Just get a handle to the components of the wall with FIN3D(theWall), then traverse the wall and when you find a symbol instance, zap it. (With the usual precautions, of course. Surely you know how to handle handles - just put your lips together and blow.)
  9. No Marcel Marceau for A Night at the Opera? While IRL, Opera is an extravagant waste of money, the browser is, I believe, quite lean & mean, in the spirit of the great John Gay. Then a Mohock, a Mohock I'll be, No Laws shall restrain Our Libertine Reign, We'll riot, drink on, and be free.
  10. Petri


    The proposed Classification of Object Components: Those that belong to the Emperor Embalmed ones Those that are trained Suckling pigs Mermaids Fabulous ones Stray dogs Those that are included in this classification Those that tremble as if they were mad Innumerable ones Those drawn with a very fine camel?s hair brush Others Those that have just broken a flower vase Those that resemble flies from a distance
  11. In fact, BEGIN and END are redundant: IF ((GetCVis('In House Info-Activity Zones')) = 0) THEN HideClass('In House Info-Activity Zones') ELSE ShowClass('In House Info-Activity Zones'); Now, to make life easier, the class name could be a constant.
  12. Yes I do. They usually do not make any sense: the plug-in has worked. Then the duplicate does not work - well, if there are no parameters, it is not such a surprise... I wish this happened every time or never! (Prefer never...) Unpredictability is the worst scenario.
  13. Petri


    And you think you have a problem? How about the rest (95%) of the world where these designated classes are not only unwanted but make VW non-usable? Coming to think of it, the way NNA's objects work makes the program non-usable for Government and large-client work in the USA as well. Unless there is a way to change the designated classes.
  14. Can you? My version of MS Office is ancient and I don't think I can crop images in it. However, you don't need to reimport - you can have images as references. We're all in the mood of a melody, though. Your questions are pertinent, so please carry on!
  15. Tough. Ask Bill to provide "this very basic feature" or get a decent computer if he does not.
  16. There's a print preview in every program on the MacOS.
  17. Now, dear Vercingetorix, you are starting to make sense.
  18. Yes, that is one approach. However, I believe that font (in the typographic sense of the word) should be a part of class attributes. Whilst by default, dimensions would still go into Dimensions class, all other graphic attributes surely should be inherited from the class. (If this sounds half-baked, it is only because I'm fully-toasted: a bad day at the office.)
  19. Is this not a question Petri?!!! Thanks for your help though! ) It is - but...
  20. I wrote my own Plant Tool... The mandatory workflow of the NNA tool just does not work for me. Not to mention tagging. Plant database? If one needs to consult a drafting program on The Selection of Species, one should not do landscape design. (Do architects expect their CAD-program to select building materials? No.)
  21. To answer your question: I know. ------------------------------------------------------------- Should you also wish to know how to do it, although you did not ask: just set the default size, typeface & style (the combination of these means "font" to us old-time typographers) to whatever you want and the dimensions will be as specified. You can even save such settings with Tools - Custom Tool/Attribute.
  22. With the disc space prices we have, I would not worry about file sizes. However, copied layers may become confusing, so they should be deleted when obsolete. But about the procedure: the current version must always have the same name and be in the same location in the network. Versions are made as copies, with the date perhaps as a part of the file name. According to Caesar, Belgians are the most courageous of all Gauls, so I would strongly advice against the Belgian revision management protocol, unless you are at least as courageus. EDIT There must also be only one current version. If more than one person is working on the same "file", Workgroup Referencing is the solution.
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