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  1. Where's the pudding, Katie? It seems that the natives are becoming restless, despite your agit-prop. Well, whatever. How actively does NNA work with Ultirender to develop local content in Finland? Has NNA revealed to Ultirender how to make VS-based local PIOs IFC-compliant?
  2. I do indeed, but - being an independent developer and consultant - I have to advise against buying Architect or Landmark. Not because of a conflict of interest, just to help them save money. By February, I'll have a quite decent substitute for NNA's wall styles* for half the price and not requiring the purchase of American content. By March, a useful slab tool. And so on. An actually useful plant tool has been on the market for months now! A door since last week. Very soon, only a fool would buy anything but Fundamentals in Finland. EDIT *) This is something I'll just continue from the starting point I had well before NNA had anything like it.
  3. OK. Here's a particular suggestion: the door object should generate the following attributes: TYP ID NRO KOK KAR MAT VRI KYN KAT PAL ERI HEL PNO YLE VER (As per RT 15-10645.) The object and its components should be in classes stipulated by RT 15-10660. Well, there! I expect a fully compliant door object to be a part of the next maintenance release.
  4. Amen from me, too! In a CV-project type of a CAD-program, written on the kitchen table, sweeping assumptions like "all symbols are inserted to walls" are acceptable, but in a professional CAD-system this is pure nonsense. Oh Lord: authors of such systems should drive a Lada (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada), not even a rusty Toyota, not to even whisper of Mercedes Benzes. As I've stated several times, the "Insertion Options" of symbols and PIOs should (as the default) have the option "Ignore walls".
  5. I have nothing against new features. While I choose to wrong click, the righteous ones can do what they please. I just want to be able to use VW the way I have for umpteen years. When the factory settings of a feature are changed to something unknown & new (and totally stupid!), reinstatement of the status quo requiring undocumented configuration, I am annoyed.
  6. True. The probability of this stupid situation (caused by a fundamental flaw in VW) can be reduced by mandating that rulers are not be shown. (Why are they needed in the first place! OK - 20 years ago when Sgt. Diehl taught us to draw, there was a Mighty Competitor - QuickDraw MacDraw - that had Rulers. Do we still need rulers? I don't think so.) So, where are we? In order to avoid All Risks related to dimensioning, we should always use option of NOT showing the dimension and type the desired dimension. Great going - this is the VW way! Maybe I'll switch to Photoshop for my working drawings. Then everything can be arbitrary and The System won't stuff it up.
  7. Let's see if that makes sense to Robert... Well, what else? Shape-file import/export Support for Geo-Referenced Image Files Two-way worksheets Worksheets in AutoCAD exports Design-layer viewports Let's see if this makes sense to Robert...
  8. I'm primarily thinking of wall styles, but also VS (I believe all calls are not available in Fundamentals.) Now, my door, window and wall style tag objects rely heavily on wall styles. Things like automatic fire rating of doors in designated firewalls, warnings of walls that are too high for the certification of the type - here I use the URL field, since there is no field for maximum allowed height! - and so on. So, to get the famous local content to work, users are forced to pay for all the useless stuff - like NNA doors and windows.
  9. Ah. Now I got it - thanks, Pat. Well, obviously this awkward behaviour is the factory setting. I never use these control-click thingies. Actually I only found out about it yesterday when doing a demo to a new user. Worked the wrong way there, worked the wrong way here.
  10. The problem we have here in Finland is that the field names ("attributes") are standardised. No, that is not horrible, that is good: I can process also files coming from AutoCAD with my drawing register system (in fact, if I want, I can have my own titleblock in them automatically). Or let's say I could if it were possible to collate drawing data across multiple files. As sheet layers cannot be referenced, managing large jobs is now impossible in VW. Worked up to VW 10, but now VW is only for smart-sized projects.
  11. Double-click takes to 2D editing, not to any "box". The old behaviour was excellent. Why was it changed in VW 2008? Why did you mandate extra steps or operations? There is no "switching of views". If I'm in a 3D view, it is pretty obvious that I want to edit the 3D component of a symbol in the current view.
  12. NCS is available for ArchiCAD - but not for free. That's the way it goes. NNA has nothing to do with this. RAL sells software, too. (Not to mention the expensive swatches & boxes they also sell. Anyway, compared with Munsell, the favourite of Dulux UK, RAL-stuff is cheap!) Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the non-US users - the majority - are paying licence fees to American paint, furniture, window etc manufacturers, whose products can be used only by the minority. If not licence fees, at least for the time spent by NNA staff to create & (or) configure all these useless libraries. I want a refund for those if I'm supposed to pay extra for something I actually can use.
  13. Right click? When I click, is that a wrong click? Otherwise, there is no "interim box" asking anything. Where is the famous "context sensitivity"? Why do you take it away?
  14. Once again, you bring good tidings, Robert! This is a business model I support wholeheartedly - why didn't you come up with it when you started in your position? (Can non-US users now get a refund/rebate for McLibraries and McObjects they cannot use?)
  15. Hey, I'm all in favour of liturgical vestments! They just have to be documented. If you also want the users to actually don them, the vestments have to make their lives easier.
  16. You wish... Shaw did not mean that progress depends on men who force other men and women to adhere to an antiquated, irrelevant standard that reflects the musty ideas of The Management. A rationale by any other name is discipline, enforced with an iron fist. According to Wikipedia, A rationale is a liturgical vestment worn by clergy, in particular by Bishops, in the Roman Catholic Church which uses full vestments. It is humeral ornament, a counterpart to the Pallium, and is worn over the chasuble.
  17. Despite the somewhat confusing topic title, which reminded me of the horrors of Claris CAD (R.I.P. - each object had its own scale!), this is easy-peasy. You just have to get a professional Elevation Benchmark tool from somewhere... Have you checked VectorDepot? I'd be surprised if no-one else - with even rudimentary programming skills - but I would have needed exactly this; perhaps someone has what you want as freeware, so that it suits your firm's budget. NNA's tool (the one you paid good money for) does not do this? Well, there's something I'm not at all surprised of!
  18. It seems that double-clicking a symbol in a 3D view no longer takes one to the 3D-component. This is very awkward! Or is there a toggle somewhere?
  19. Is that so? They used to charge licence fees.
  20. It's still the other way around... Classes and styles ARE data and either represent or can be used to control properties of objects.
  21. I have this funny feeling that in most businesses, staff members are expected to work in a way mandated by the firm and this is not considered demeaning. Why, even musicians in an orchestra play 8 semi-demi quavers although a half-note would be more "productive".
  22. I don't know! This is, I think, still unprecedented in the history of ISO. If there are no universal alternatives that do not attract licence fees, ISO should not standardise anything. This is a licence to print money! Besides, the entire logic behind this kind of standardisation escapes me.
  23. Well, Bonus - sadly, I no longer am fluent in writing or speaking Swedish, but have no problems in understanding it. Just let me know what you want and I'll break the famous language barrier, behind which NNA is now hiding. No, I'm not a native English speaker and there are Texan terms of construction that I don't necessarily immediately know, but I've practiced in an English-speaking country long enough.
  24. The "different way" is, from the point of view of the entire practice, in most cases the wrong way. The person who gets his or her work done his or her way may well be extremely counter-productive, as someone else needs to fix everything this "faster guy" (or gal) has broken. Been there, done that. (Made good money out of it, though.)
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