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  1. Well, as it turns out I could not have caused damage: PIOs cannot be encrypted at all. The old keyboard gymnastics does not work, "Encrypt VectorScript" sees only .vss -files, not PIOs.
  2. Never done pise or adobe, Chris? (Well, neither have I...) Actually, I know someone who used very thin, round-capped walls as thick lines in certain map-drawing situations, to avoid the dreaded thick-diagonal-line -syndrome. I even wrote her a script that created these walls from polygons.
  3. VW 2008, OS X: trying to duplicate a PIO. The duplicate has no parameters, "Properties"-button does nothing. What? There is no duplicate in the Plug-ins folder in my Application Support folder. I was this close to losing a lot of work by encrypting the original. One does not do a full backup before a routine operation, does one? So, how does one duplicate PIOs nowadays? I've done it hundreds of times in previous versions.
  4. Assuming that one can do the job with the "road" tools. They may be fine for the driveway of a modest single house, but not for a subdivision or even a larger McMansion. (Do they nowadays work as advertised? Since the disastrous ones in VW 9, I haven't even bothered to check...) Nevertheless, James should get the educational version of Landmark. It is very, very educational...
  5. You are contradicting yourself. Of the many shortcomings of NNA's recent development, the total disregard to the big picture is the most alarming and obvious one. If a window frame is pushed into the wall or door trims are flush with the frame (at the door leaf side), I don't care if I can choose between Colonial and Ranch style. Having said that, a coordinate-based set-out object needs quite a few features to be actually useful. Surely the surveyor would want a data file that he can download into his instruments. Something like this may well be the piece that is missing from freeware. You gets what you pays for.
  6. Dear me. In my 30 years as an architect, I've not needed any kind a "stone hatch" ever. How I've managed to arrive at this stage is beyond me. Nevertheless, I have to pay for all these stone and shingle hatches & textures VW has... Frustrated Petri
  7. No, that's not what I'm asking so the technology is NOT there.
  8. No: so those of us who need complex line styles have to create symbols, put them into a library somewhere and pray. In my experience, prayers are not heard - you just don't get what you expected.
  9. Indeed. Of course the lines don't have to be a hatch. Any lines will do - like a column grid or roof rafter centrelines.
  10. One can also use a Floor for this: create a thin Floor with no fill, enter it, and then use the Hatch command.
  11. I must have misunderstood you. There is no "component" cap option in my OI. Round or flat. (Round wall caps! Indeed!)
  12. Are you saying that it is impossible to buy a second-hand Mac with OS 10.4 in the U.K.? Is there a market for such machines there? I could easily source a few hundred in a week or so.
  13. Don't thank me, Don - I just pasted what member "type11" of this forum had found from the GIMP-site. (It is becoming harder and harder to show gratitude, as everything is just borrowed from an uncredited source.)
  14. You seem to know much more about AppleScripting & Automator than I do and ever will... However, if I were you, I'd triple-check the target application. I don't think menu names have changed since VW 12; if you have something like "DoMenuTextByName" in the script, it should still work.
  15. "Posted by type11 (Member # 3088) on : After some searching around on the GIMP site I found the following information that fixes the problem. "If you want to return to using the postscript loop you can use the terminal to set a default that will tell the 10.3.x print system to behave similarly to how things used to be in 10.2.x. Be aware that altering this setting may well affect all printer drivers on your system, and it may cause adobe acrobat to fail to print in certain circumstances. So, to make your legacy apps produce postscript, similarly to how they behaved in Jaguar, enter this command at a terminal prompt: defaults write NSGlobalDomain com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf YES To return to the default "correct" behavior in Panther enter this command: defaults write NSGlobalDomain com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf NO" This has worked for me." And has for me, too.
  16. It's annoying, isn't it! Some programs do it, some don't. I keep file "Untitled [n]" open, very small window, at all times, but I'd rather not - it wants to be saved every so often and I'm no Messiah. (Aren't I? Well, on this forum I am, but that's another thing altogether.) Yep. I'm with Bruce in this.
  17. Tedious, huh? Tell me about it - I think I have something like 10 levels in some of my solids! However, while I think I understand what you are after, I'm not quite sure if the tediousness should be extended to 2D-polylines. A Boolean chain (that's the tedious part) should be introduced and all of us doing simple 2D drafting would be seriously edit-challenged - with up to 10 levels to deal with. Having said that, especially your points 1, 2, 4 and 5 are most valid. EDIT Oh bugga! I'm supposed to teach Am'rican Hist'ry and Practical Maths to avoid the wrath of newbies, ignoramuses and Western Australian carport extension designers... Right-o, here we go: cover the offending hole with a polygon and say "Add surface" and presto, it's gone! That should be easy enough for all other mentioned groups than the Western Australians.
  18. I think you get better results with a transparent backgound in the images. PNG-format, for instance. Object/layer transparency works differently; well, pretty much as layer transparency does in Photoshop.
  19. VW 2008 is immediately available... Julian Carr's venerable add-on is at present waste of money if one intends to upgrade. Not that it would be hugely expensive, though.
  20. For the benefit of the poor OS-challenged VW-users: Mac OS X uses PDF as the default printing mechanism, PNG as the default image file. One can create a (raster) PDF from any application by just saying "Print". "Screen prints" are PNGs, which - IMHO - is a pretty good format.
  21. Preference option, please. You're just a CAD Manager, but I'm the CAD Nazi and don't allow any user libraries. Just put your default styles in the app resource folder and delete everything Mr. NNA has dreamed up as "metric wall styles" or whatever.
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