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  1. Hi All, Looking for some help.


    I have a show design that I used a Design layer viewport to import the venue. (3D). When trying to render a final quality renderworks on a sheet layer, the venue layer (referenced to external file) does not render - displayed as transparent. 


    I have checked all visibilities (classes layers, in the SLVP and the DLVP) all set to visible. 


    IS there something I am missing? Shows up on the model if I set to OpenGL, on the SLVP if I set to OpenGL, but as soon as I use Renderworks, it disappears.


    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. Hi Iskla,

    This did solve the issue where the PDF files now show up in the dropbox folder, however, the issue where plugs in objects (lights) do not show up is persisting.


    There is one view that shows a few light objects on the upstage for the player stage in the attached PDF. It seems that those are displaying within the final render, but plug in objects (par cans) are not rendering.



    RM12to15 BASE.pdf

  3. Good Morning Iskra,

    I am currently testing this. I have manually turned off all lighting on the design layer, turned back on, saved and re-submitted to cloud publish. I have also posted the end result here for reference. It did not render the lighting.


    I am having an additional issue with another cloud process.


    I have a 8 Sheet cloud publish from another file that is running "Successfully", (processed on Cloud and Stored in Dropbox). When it is completed, it exports the TXT file listing all exports as successful, however, none of the PDF files appear in the Dropbox folder.

    I have attached the TXT file for reference.


    Again, there is no issue when publishing on my local machine, aside form clogging mu machine for processing....


    Publish Log.txt Concept TLMOP format.pdf

  4. Hi VW Brain....


    I am having an issue with Cloud publishing.


    I have a simple drawing that has about 6 lights (Plug-in ETC and ARRI fixtures). Tried publishing a single sheet render to the cloud and the final product comes back too dark with no lighting.

    Tried rendering on my local machine (iMac 2019 VW 2020) with the exact same settings etc, and everything was fine.

    Same occurred when I tried to export (via Cloud) an orbital animation of the same scene.


    The PDF attached is the Cloud version of the export and the Jpg is what I was able to do wiht the local machine.


    I might be missing something obvious, but the cloud version is not working.


    Anyone encountered this before?


    Concept Render Faimount Via Machine.jpg

    Concept TLMOP format.pdf

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