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  1. The new export feature for datasmith appears to be missing from the list of export options when using the Landmark workspace. Datasmith export option is available in Fundamentals workspace.
  2. Everything works fine like you said and the opacity of the shadow works fine if set by the document settings, but if we check the box to Use Class Opacity, the opacity appears to be 100% opaque no matter the transparent setting in the class. We are in VW2019. Is this a program quirk or perhaps not an issue in a newer VW release? Or if it works as expected on your end, we'll double check our settings again. This is not critical since the document settings opacity control works fine, but it would be good to know in terms of sharing protocol with others in the office.
  3. Is it possible to have document settings plan shadows visible on plant symbols in some viewports and then customize one viewport to not show the same plan shadows controlled by document settings? Or are we limited to either all shadows are visible in all viewports or all shadows are not visible in all viewports? We understand we can hide the plant symbol fill class which automatically turns off the shadow, but we would like to have a viewport that shows the fill without shadows while still keeping shadows visible in other viewports. We can also globally set the document setting plan shadows to 100% transparent to turn off appearance of shadows without manually changing each plant symbol to no shadow. But that is a global change and not specific to one viewport.
  4. No response in terms of a Vectorworks shortcut. I believe in the past, the only way we have accomplished direct links to named destinations was through manually creating these in Adobe Acrobat.
  5. We are testing the hyperlink tool for creating a master index to our office details, each with their own sheet within the same file. When we publish all sheets including the index sheets, all hyperlinks work correctly within a single PDF file by essentially converting the named sheets to bookmarks. Our next step involves posting the master detail PDF to the cloud for access from anywhere. We'd like to be able to click a hyperlink in our construction drawings and open the cloud PDF master detail file, which works fine, but we'd specifically like the cloud PDF to load directly to a specific sheet matching a particular detail, which would be possible if the sheet name was automatically converted to what acrobat refers to as a named destination. A named destination in lieu of a bookmark can be directly referred to in the web address for a particular file, such as www.website.com/detail.pdf#nameddest=TOC. Is it possible to have vectorworks publish a PDF so the sheet names are automatically converted to named destinations recognized by acrobat?
  6. Thank you Matt! Works perfect. Interesting discovery is the custom string to choose which snaps to toggle prefers the default snap shortcut keys ASDQWE for example and fails to work if you enter any user chosen snap shortcut key strokes.
  7. Matt Panzer, Is the custom script to toggle all snap settings desired on/off still available?
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