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  1. Hello, I am attempting to address lighting devices in my design. First I am selecting lights and manually inputting 1 into the Universe field in the OIP. Then, I open Spotlight Numbering and check the DMX address field, highlight the DMX address line, and make the appropriate settings for sequential addressing. Then I manually begin selecting my lighting devices in the order I want them. After completing the numbering command, some fixture types do not obey the "DMX address" field numbering, and instead end up numbering "absolute address" instead. Why? Furthermore, if I go into the DMX Patch GUI, any changes I make there say they are making changes to the DMX Address field, yet when I actually drag and drop them in the UI, either the User Address or Absolute Addresses are populated, while the DMX Address field stays at 1. Why are there so many fields for DMX Address? Why is this happening? Because different fields are being populated with spotlight numbering, I am getting patch conflicts where there should be none, and random fixtures stay patched at address 1.
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