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  1. Would be interested in availability and cost for Spotlight for all the years you have listed. Thank you!
  2. Topic: Rendering Theatrical Fixtures in Sectional 3D Viewports Issue: As seen in previous posts, lighting units that are turned on (confirmed in Visualization Palette that lights are turned on in all Viewports) will not render in a Section Viewport. However - these same lights will render in a regular viewport. For example: six Source Four fixtures aimed at the stage (and turned on) will render in a "Fast Renderworks" set to "Top" View in a Viewport - but in a section viewport looking at the stage - the light will not render in the same conditions - note that I am looking at the back wall and the field of the lights should appear on the back wall. I've tried various settings in the Section Viewport settings to no avail...perhaps this was something fixed in VW2020?


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