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  1. Hello All, just a thought has the vh arch sampler been removed from vw 12.5 fundamentals? I have looked everywhere and it is driving me nuts.
  2. Hi Jonathon, I have resolved the issue re the movies by updating to acrobat 9! cheers, Frank
  3. Hi Jonathon, thanks for your reply. I have been ther but cannot find the range of doors and windows etc that I had in vw10.5. I am sitting with your manual beside me as we 'speak' and cannot play the movies from the cd. I bought Essential vw11 from you but am using vw12.5 is this why the movies won't play?
  4. Hi Everybody, I have just come back to VW fundamentals/rw 12.5 after a period of inactivity and I cannot find the architectural library (doors, stairs, windows etc) This was a very useful tool for those of us that do not need the full vw arch package. Can any one help me to locate these files?. TIA Frank Mac os 10.4.11 2GB VW Fundamentals/RW 12.5
  5. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    Hej once again listers, thanks for all your help. I am getting to grips (slowly) with mac but you can expect futher dumb questions fron me in the future. Have a good weekend one and all, Frank.
  6. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    thankyou, Kevin os9 was doing my head in, but as a very recentconvert to mac it is a little confusing. Good weekend, Frank
  7. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    Hi Nicholas, thanks for the good advice. I will stay away from os9, seems wierd to me to have 2 operating systems onthe same machine anyhow. Have a good weekend, Frank
  8. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    Hi People, I tried some of the suggestions above but cannot set up the adobe printer driver. The site I found says it should open in os 9 (which is on my mac mini) apparently some programmes need it to function. What do I know I am trying to understand this from a pc background and it takes time I guess. All I wanted was the ability to save as a pdf that I can send to my printer in town and have it on A0 paper. I was able to this from a pc with a free cute pdf writer. I do not want to fork out c.400 usd. for the adobe suit. There must be a more economical solution out there somewhere. My next step is to contact mac re this error message when saving to pdf. Watch this space. Thanks, Frank.
  9. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    Hi Nicholas, thanks for your reply. I tried what you said and had a warning that some post script settings would ignored since I was not printing to postscript printer. I have no idea what any of that means. I spent the morning looking for Adobe ps drivers and something called DDAP PPD and got lost in the world of os 9. I think I may have them somewhere on my computer but I cannot turn on something called appletalk. Everyone tells me mac is a simple system and has a seamless interface with vw but I feel I am going nowhere fast. Once again thanks, Frank.
  10. Frank1se

    mac and pdf

    Hi there listers, I have just moved over (up) from pc to mac mini and I would like to have info on how to create pdf files. Many of my vw (10.5) are on my pc and i want to transfer and send from my mac as a test. Previously I had cute pdf writer as a free download for pc and it suited my purposes very well and I would like the same facility for mac and my yet to arrive update to vw 11 for mac. I have only as small hp printer at home - again perfectly adequate for most of the drawings I need to print, but sometimes i need to save an A0 sheet as one page and send to my printer. Any help would be VERY much appreciated by this mac newbie. TIA, Frank.
  11. I am completelt new to VW - so hello there.When I create a new file new create document, use document template I cannot access any templates. I have created 2 and those are the only ones available. Are there any templates in VW and where are they to be found. I have gone throught the programme files but can find no templates folder other than the one I created myself. Any help would be much appreciated. Frank


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