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  1. Thanks Tasmin for the tips and clarification on the Architect features. I will definitely check out the course recommended.
  2. Hi bgoff, Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately even with the grade limits this doesn't seem to work. Do you think i should build the model in parts?
  3. Hi bgoff , Thanks a lot for your advice! I've tried this and it seems to create a daggered edge around the wall. I tried applying a "grade limits" site modifier around the wall but this didn't seem to work either? Perhaps i've applied the wrong site modifier - i can't find retaining wall in the 2020 AEC tool set?
  4. Hello guys, I wondered if anyone could help out - I am new to the Site Modelling tools but having some good results with so far. However I wondered igf there is a way to build a site model with retaining walls between levels - as this has a big impact on contours, etc. I'm aware of the Site Modifiers tools, but none seem to be the right fit to create the effect.


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