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  1. Wow...After trying again and again. I finally got 3DS export to work. But...It seems to work only on smaller files. For instance...I created a simple frame object in VW and choose to export using 3DS export. It worked!. Then I tried to export my 40mb VW file. No way. Its gives me a 4kb file that is not recognized by Cinema. So I've been taking my files down to the smallest size to get into Cinema. Not the best solution. But it works. O..Yes it does increase the file size by a factor of 3...but I'm not complaining...Yet. PS...my positon on the VW exchange program: Having used it when it really, really sucked, I moved away from it. Plus why would I use it if 3DS will bring in my texture and classes Bob Waddell TheAECAADGroup
  2. Yes...I have tried the first version of this plugin. I wasn't very impressed with its output. I went back to DXF. So I really wanted/needed to try the 3ds export
  3. Has anyone had a problem exporting 3DS using VW12(mac). I have a very large building model that I'm trying it import into Cinema 4xl. I simply need to know if I'm the only person having this problem. All the other export function work fine. But I don't want to use DXF Please Advise Bob Waddell TheAECAADGroup
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