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  1. @Matt Panzer Hi Matt i tried your solution and unfortunately it did not work for my computer. Maybe i'll have to reinstall the program and start with a clean slate to solve this issue. Thanks again for your help.
  2. @Matt Panzer Hi Matt. Document attached. TEST DOC A.vwx
  3. @Matt Panzer Yes i did. i even opened a new document with no obejcts. It still didn't fix the issue.
  4. @Matt Panzer Hi Matt I tried your suggestion unfortunately and changed all the possible parameters but still didn't work Bug indeed Thanks
  5. @Michael H. Hey Michael thanks for the suggestion unfortunately i tried doing that but it still came out double spaced very strange
  6. Hi guys just giving this post a quick bump Any troubleshootings appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi all I've having some weird issues with reference marker text style basically no matter what i do it's always double spaced (hence looks mis-aligned) i tried to create a new text style as default, made sure it's single spacing but still didnt fix the issue Anyone have any thoughts on trouble shooting? Thanks in advance
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