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  1. @michaelk thanks so much for getting back to me! she is referencing image files (.jpg), of fabrics etc. which she downloaded from furniture websites like this: https://www.bebitalia.com/en/sofa-aurae (see screenshot of website below) She downloads the fabric and saves it on the server. All the fabrics are organized by brand (like B&B italia), and then by type of material (e.g. fabric, stone wood), then its saved there under the name that is was downloaded as from the website - so here "ELETTRA-2492253-BIG_0.jpg" She has an extensive library on the server and she copied this library to her local drive on her company laptop because she now must do home office because of the corona virus. The problem is she has floor plans with tens or even over 100 fabrics linked and the folder structure is quite nested as I mentioned. She has floor plans like this and without the links everything is colorless and she can't really work like that for clients. I did try what you said: "Look in the navigation palette (Window > Palettes > Navigation). Click on the far right tab (references). All the references will be listed there. The broken or out of date ones will be red. Right click on one of them and choose Edit. Navigate to the image or Vectorworks file." But since the folder structure is quite nested Vectorworks does not seem smart enough to figure it out and we have to manually search and re-link tens of broken links. My thought was can't we just tell vectorworks all paths that were: server-address/library/<brand>/<material_type>/<image.jpg> are now saved at: C:/library/<brand>/<material_type>/<image.jpg> i.e. just swap "server-address/library" from all paths and replace with "C:/library" (and the folder structure after this is identical) And my thought was Python could loop over all references and make this change easily, unless there was a way to "change all reference paths" or similar in vectorworks (which I didn't find) I hope I make enough sense now?
  2. I’m trying to help my wife with her Vectorworks. She had all textures/accessories referenced from a server. These are .jpg files of fabrics etc. to be applied to her objects in her floor plans. all the links are now broken but she has all the images locally saved but it’s asking her to manually update the links to each of them. It doesn’t seem smart enough to figure out how to re-link them all again. im trying to read through the python scripting reference (as I’m a competent programmer) but I can’t find a way to do this. Possibly I just don’t know the terminology and it’s very easy (I hope). any pointing in the right direction would be very appreciated.


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