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  1. @Tamsin Slatter Thanks for trying to help me. Yeah it didn't work. I ended up using another extruded shape I had that did take the texture and just edited that. Thanks again for taking the time. Best.
  2. Hoping someone can help. I'm having an issue applying a texture to an extruded shape. It will only apply to the "sides" of the extrusion. It will not apply to the top of it. I have verified that the shape is closed. Also, the shape appears to be filled. It doesn't show as filled when in Top/Plan view but if I double click on it under the extrude mode it does show the fill. Attached is a picture of the problem. I'm trying to apply a gray tile texture to a 3-inch raised floor but as you can see in the picture it only applied to the 3-inch sides of the shape while the top shows no fill or texture. Does anybody know why that's happening? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Hoping someone can help. I have some rectangles that I copied and pasted from another Vectorworks file that is now showing up in my new file as just a gray outline and I cannot select it or delete it even though I have my Design Layers and Classes set as "show/snap/modify others" Any tips what I can do to select and delete these rectangle outlines from my drawing? Thank you!


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