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  1. Thanks for your reply. Good to know that one is not alone. I am using 2020 Architecture. Even if i removed the Plug in/Symbol, the problem is still there. I have toplan a whole new window from scratch to remove the problem.
  2. Ok. I basically dont have a clue why my drawing is doing this. My windows are mirroring in a Section viewport (see Pic. 1), BUT they dont in 3D Perspective or in elevation sketch mode (see Pic. 2). I dont understand why. It must be a setting problem cause when i insert a different window from another floor in the same place. It doesnt do it. Any ideas, what setting issue it could be? I unfortunately have a lot of these windows as Plugs Ins in my plan. Thank you so much.
  3. By the way, this idea didn't change anything unfortunately. But thank you.
  4. ah ok. Good to know. Thank you. Still, it seems then, that the european version is much more limited. Which i hadn't expected. I even have to create a separate symbol Plug of rounded door handle because it isn't standard in the list of options for doors and now we're talking about having different options for colour and material between a door leaf and the Sidelight!!......this is all universal stuff. Ah well, thanks for clearing this up for me.
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I will pursue this at the european branch. But seriously, I wonder why there are differences like that between the american and the european version to begin with. It seems unnecessary to me.
  6. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it doesnt allow me to chose a sepatate Class for the doorleaf Fill.(See below). I am adapting a Door Symbol (Plug In) from the vectorworks Resource manager.
  7. Hallo everyone. I would appreciate some help. When it comes to a Door with a Sidelight, I can not seem to change the colour/material of the doorleaf so that it differs to the door frame. For example here below, i wish to have a white doorleaf however in the list of attributes available, the doorleaf attrubute incorporates the Sidelight as well. So that i end up with all white or all gray. The door frame easy to change. Have i done something wrong here. How else can i draw up a door with Sidelight so that the elements remain separate when it comes to attributes.
  8. Thank you so much for your help. I'm glad to have an answer at least and now i know I'm not doing something completely wrong.
  9. Thank you for your answer. However what if the purpose is to draw up the whole building and view it externally as well as internally. Is there really no other way? At the moment i am drawing the building husk basically and will then complete the interior of only one floor, so that the file size remains small. However i find this is somehow, an inefficient way to work. How do people draw up Skyscrapers of Highrise buildings with this software, if this is the limit of its capacity. I feel i'm missing something. Many Thanks in advance
  10. HELP: Multiple Floors in 3D with reduced File Size How can we plan mutiple floors (at least 8-11 Floors) within one drawing, including all interior design aspects (Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Surfaces, etc.), and keep the size of the file/drawing reasonable. The drawing size is a normally a problem after 3 floors.
  11. How should go about planning a whole building with mutiple floors (at least 8-11 Floors) , including all interior design aspects (Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Surfaces, etc.), while keeping the File-size of the drawing reasonably low. I have been trying, but im noticing after only just two floors how much MBs i habe....109MB. After a while, won't renderings just take too long? I would appreciate any suggestions or help. Thank you.....oh but i already tried cleaning it up. Didnt' help much in this case.
  12. hello......I would like to follow up wth this issue. I'm new to vectorworks in 3D and i'm having the same problem with the plug-in doors. It's not a Layer issue cause they're all turned on. Basically i dont unterstand why the 3D form of the door, cannot be at least displayed in 2D Plan view. Why shouldnt it be automatically done? I'm sorry, if i misunderstood something and thank you in advance for your advice.
  13. I can understand your problem. I am having a similar problem creating and importing my own furniture. The problem is that the size of the file is often just too large or doesn't work. Sketch up files are sometimes good, but you can also have something which is too detailed and too big. I find that importing them to a new separate drawing is a good idea and then make a symbol. This helps speed up the process. Also try to delete every unnecessary furniture fixture which isn't going to be seen in the end. This can reduce the size as well.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know how one should plan mutiple floors (at least 8-11 Floors) within one drawing, including all interior design aspects (Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Surfaces, etc.), while keeping the file size of the drawing reasonable. I have been trying, but the furniture alone seems to eat up space. After about 150MB the renderings will start taking too long. I would appreciate any ideas or help. Thank you.


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