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  1. Thanks @inikolova I've sent an email 🙂 Just quickly - can the Cloud folder be on a server? Or must it be on a local drive ie C drive? I've tried placing it on our server where we usually store our files. Everything seems to sync and download ok. However the Sheet Layer only appears red in the right hand side Publish column also, and there are dialogs about saving (when it is already saved ?- and sync'd). When I output the PDF it seems to take a while as its rendering, but then only a 1kb is returned which cannot be opened. Any advice is appreciated. Kind regards
  2. Thanks @inikolova That helps. Only thing I noticed was the render does not seem to output all my lighting (I'm using Spotlight). In ordinary rendering in the main window, or as a Viewport, the render comes out fine - I'm currently using the Realistic Interior Final Renderwork style that comes with VW. Furthermore I'm often using Lit Fog on the RW BG in order to achieve some effects I'm after. Outputting to PDF via Cloud does not seem to achieve this quality, only a kind've basic OpenGL looking effect. Furthermore, I run into a similar issue after re-opening my document. A fix I've found is selecting all my lights via the Viz pallete, and turning them off and on again. I'm then able to render using the desired RW style, however as mentioned no such luck outputting via Cloud PDF. Any pointers in this regard that seem obvious? Hope you're well and thanks for the response above. Matt
  3. Hi there, just a quick simple question around this. I'm experimenting with the Cloud Services publishing and wondering about a basic workflow. As I understand it, to publish via the Cloud I must, as is my preferred option, place the Project File into the VW Cloud Services folder. After this point - should I keep working from the Cloud Services folder on the project? Thank you
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