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  1. Can anyone give me some advice on creating a 3d curved window molding?
  2. Carmelhill, Have you had anyfeed back on your script. I am a converted Autocad 14 user and have been looking to duplicate the functionality of the tools you referenced. Rick Bohl
  3. P Retodo, Thanks for the explanation. I was able to edit the cavity line type of a group of walls and accomplish the appearance I was after. I endorse the concept of the ?wall type class? this would obviate the other concern I have; that of trying to identify what wall type I used to create a wall when I want to duplicate it.
  4. When I am in the "Edit Wall Style" dialogue box the cavity line style offers an option "default line style". What controls the default line style. It was my understanding that it was "by class" or controled by object via the attribute pallet. Neither method can I get to change the line style from solid to the class or attribute style. Rick Bohl
  5. I am drawing walls using a wall type with multiple cavities (wood stud/brick veneer) The line style in the wall type is set to default style but will not change to the class default. Example: When moving a wall to the demolition class that has a line type dashed. The two outside lines of the wall change to dashed however the interior lines remain continuous. Is there a way to remedy this condition? Rick Bohl
  6. see" Topic: Issue Manager - Revision History " 12.01.03 vectorworks architect discussion.
  7. Is there a way to change the unit of measure in the property line tool from feet and inches to feet and hundredth of a foot (from 00'-00" to 00.00'). This would be for both the input dialoge box and the dimensions printed on the site plan? Rick Bohl
  8. I have an existing drawing created in 10.5 updated to 11. When clicking on various items in the drawing the object highlights however no information appears in the OI pallet. It does not seem to be object type related, dimensions, lines highlight but no info. Walls and doors highlight with info. Any help would be appreciated. Rick
  9. I am trying to cut a 2d section of a building with 4 layers and numerous class. After making all the appropriate layers and classes visible and selecting the objects to be sectioned only the objects on the active layer appear in the section. How do i get the objects in the other layers to appear? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. When attempting to print 24 x 36 sheets with my HP Design Jet 230, each time I print I have to enter the print properties dialog box, click the button more sizes, check architectural, select 24 x 36 sheets. (The default is 8.5 x 11 each time I open the file) Is there a way to associate the sheet size with the Vector works file?
  11. Thank you for the responses. Changed fill to "class style" and roof face changed from previous solid color fill to the class fill style "shingles". Problem solved.
  12. I have a roof surface that will not render with a shingle texture that is attached to it, yet a roof surface created with the roof tool with the same texture renders just fine. Any suggestions?
  13. bohlr

    wall join

    I should have been more specifc, sorry. My problem is only with the wall joining; when joining two perpeduclar walls in the "ell" mode one wall has a 90 degree end located in the the middle of the wall that it is being joined to and the other wall has a 45 degree end located in the correct place for what would be this walls miter joint. Speed is fine.
  14. bohlr

    wall join

    I am having the same problem refered to by "zero" in his post of 3.27.03. So I use the remove wall break tool, then try and do a simple t-join. It takes 12 seconds to excute ($0.2 charged out to client), and I don't get a clean join. One wall gets a 45 degree bevel, the other wall gets a 90 degree end. The response at that time was : You can send bugfiles to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net. Is there any new info?
  15. Thanks, That is what I ended up doing. Is this problem a bug in the stair tool? Rick
  16. I am trying to create a "U" shapped stair by combining an "L" (landing left) run with a straight run with a landing. Up 5 risers to the landing on the straight run than on to the landing left run. When I attempt to create the straight run with the landing after the 5th tread one of two things happens. 1. with the "draw top tread" checked it creates a "up 0" at the end of the landing. 2. Unchecking the "draw top tread" forces the landing into a position after the 3rd tread and befor the final 2 treads even though the "Landing tread" is entered as 5 in the OIP. Any advice?
  17. Is there an indicator of which wall type is active when using the wall tool?
  18. I probably should have been more definitive in my first post. I am looking for a method the set the layer and class to control subsequent operations; such as placing a wall or a dimension. In a drawing that already contains an object such as a dimension it would be helpful to have a command to set the layer and class for example to say ?class = dimensions? and ?layer = sheet-floor-plan-1? for the placement of dimensions by clicking on an existing dimension. This would be similar to the set layer command in autocad.
  19. I there a method to set the layer and class by clicking on an object rathar than using the task manager?
  20. I there a way to delete or "reset" the revision history using the issue manager. I am duplicating an existing project and am attempting to change title block info.
  21. I have created a gable end roof with a 12" overhang. The fascia depth defaults to the roof thickness using both the "create roof from walls" and the "roof face commands"). Is the a way to control the gable end fascia depth so that it matches the eave fascia depth - say 6"?
  22. Good Afternoon, I was having the same issue with the ARCH D and the grid line in the drawing border. I was able to edit the symbol in the file I was working on (Going to resource browser, editing the symbol - sheet arch, and changing the lines to the non-plot class), However in doing some other editing on the title block symbol I can not get the text fields to text wrap. For example a long project name will not wrap and extend into the drawing area even though the wrap text box is checked on the OI palette when editing the symbol. JNR is this the font problem you mentioned?
  23. Can any one recommend a hand lettering architectural font similar to autocad archt.shx.
  24. Jim, Thanks for the tip. Worked just fine.
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