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  1. Can someone direct me to a tutorial or help me with the process of developing custom ID Labels for use with symbols. I am trying to use the ID label tool to identify plumbing fixtures. The plumbing fixtures are symbols that have a plumbing fixture record attached and populated with data. I am confused when reading the help section on ID label tool and Creating custom ID label symbols. I believe that I need to create an ID symbol with a TagSchema attached and save in Plugins\Common\Data\ID_Symbols.vmx This I have done and I can get the ID symbol in my drawing but I can not get it to recognize the plumbing record attached to the plumbing fixture.
  2. I second the request for a "Notes Spell Checker". Also how about the ability to have sub titles or outline format. Eg. 1000.0 major Heading 1000.1 Secondary Heading 1000.1.1 Text Body etc.
  3. Can anyone direct me to a dictionary of the abreviations for field names. I currently am working with the data assocated with a door however somewhere ther must exist a list of all abreviations that can be used in spread sheet formulas. Thanks in advance Rick Bohl
  4. I have a client who has prepared a preliminary residence design in AC 2008. I have imported the DWG file into VW 2010. All the elements (e.g. walls, windows etc) are imported as groups of meshes. I am hoping this is not a naive question; Is there a way to convert the mesh items to VW objects? Also imported symbols appear in the RB but do not appear on the design layers and when I attempt to edit a 2D/3D symbol in 2D or 3D there is nothing there to edit. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Rick Bohl
  5. Thank you both, Islandmon and billtheia. I will continue to experiment. At first glance the ungroup and add surfaces seems to maintain the object as a roof face allowing texturing of the various faces which I believe to be an desirable thing. It is the first time I have used the Model/add solids function. The drawback to the add solids approach seems to be that the entire solid is then rendered with a single texture. Of course both methods get rid of the unwanted lines which is what I was after. Again Thanks
  6. Does anyone have an alternate method for modeling a roof cornice return? I have been just creating a separate roof and positioning it in the appropriate spot adjacent to the main roof which work fine except when shown in elevation it appears as two separate roofs (both rendered and hidden line ). The unwanted lines can be masked in the hidden line elevation but not in the rendered elevation. See attached.
  7. I have been looking for the door tool to be able to accomidate a 4" head for use in modular masonry construction. i.e 3070 door in a 3'4" x 7'-4" masonry opening. A pretty common situation using a metal door with hollow metal frame.
  8. Thank you for the response. I now have the .ctb file from the consultant. The .ctb file is in the same folder and highlighted when I am in the DXF/DWG Import dialogue box (all - DXF and DWG- files in folder radio buton checked) I am not able to get VW to recognize the file. Import log states two files examined one file imported, one file not imported because it was not a DXF or DWG file) Could you provide some additional information as to the process for using the .ctb file Thanks Rick Bohl
  9. When importing DWG files, Vectorworks 2009 requries a conversion from the default line weight (In my case 7 mils.) for each Autocad colored lineweight. Can anyone direct me to a conversion chart maping Autocad colors to VW line weights. Is there a default that can be set in VW that will do this conversion automatically? Thanks Rick Bohl
  10. Is anyone having an "out of registration" problem moving stairs in the situation described below? - Stairs between two layers - Moved using the move tool or moved a specific distance using a distance filled in the curser - Dragging the stairs does not cause the problem Problem: Stairs on the non active layer will move but will be out of registration in x,y some amount (8"-12") seem to be an inconsistent distance. Solution seems to be to go the alternate layer and move the stair back in registration with the stair on the layer on which it was originally moved.
  11. Where does one find the "Line Render Options" dialog?
  12. I also have been looking for an alternate to MSP. I found a product called "PlanBee Critical Path" that looks interesting and is inexpensive. Has anyone tried it?
  13. I have been using the font Mr. Hand for several years with no problem; however upon upgrading to 12.5 I find that in old files as well as new files that callouts and text boxes do not wrap words. Is anyone having similar problems? A few other fonts I experimented with seem to wrap just fine ????
  14. Is there a way to prevent a view from re-rendering every time an action is taken that should not change the visual appearance of the view? ie switching active layer, Changing active Class - to name two actions that should not need a re-render.
  15. Thank you both for the input. Both methods worked just fine. Once I realized that one has to "render" the roof in plan to see the intersections, tracing an ellipse and cliping it from the 2d roof face polygon was a snap. I also created two extrustions that duplicated the barrel and the roof face, subtracted the solids, extracted the curve, created a polygon and cliped it from the 2d roof face polygon. Thanks
  16. Katie, Thank you for the response, I am aware of the method you describe. To create the polygon I would have to do some fancy calculation (the intersetion I believe is an elipse) as the intersecting line does not show graphicaly in plan. I was hoping that there would be a way to treat the two roof sections; The barrel, which is an extrude and the sloping roof, which is a roof face, as soldids and subtract one from the other. The roof face does not seem to be recognized as a solid. When I ungroup the roof face it revert to the 2D polygon from which it takes its shape. Any other ideas? Rick
  17. I am trying to combine a barrel vault roof and a sloped roof and remove the section of the sloped roof under the barrel. Can anyone offer an segustions? An example of what I am after is at the location shown below. Rick
  18. bohlr

    splay wall

    I am experiencing a problem when trying to use the "Brick Sill" feature. The brick sill when configured to a slanted 4" rowlock with a 1" projection beyond the face of the masonry wall puts the sill hanging "out in space" 5" away from the face of the wall. I have downloaded the 12.1 upgrade but am unsure 12.1 is running as it still says 12.0 in the header.
  19. JNR, One thing that *might* speed things up a bit is to make sure that you are always in WIREFRAME before clicking the "Settings" button. If the drawing is rendered, VW will redraw the screen each time you enter/exit/modify the settings I am also seeing the redraw take place every time but only in files created in 12.0 prior to upgrade to 12.1
  20. I just created my first site model. I requested a text file tab delimited formatted "ID,Easting, Northing,Elevation,Description" from the surveyor. This file was a standard out put for his survey program. After sorting through and unselecting some of the data points (e.g. Bench marks, top of existing walls and docks etc.) that would give bad contours, I followed the instructions in the help section and viola a site model with contours. The simplicity of this method makes it the preferred on for me when the data is available.
  21. Section viewports in file created with 12.0 rendered fine with 12.1
  22. I agree with Mechanix. Work out the vertical elevations of all floors, roofs, porches, crawl spaces etc. I do this with a hand sketch that has references to the layer names. This sketch is then tacked to the wall over the monitor. The VW model setup function accomplishes this electronically; however it would be really nice if the graphic displayed during the setup routine were available for reference. As an alternate if it could be printed so I could tack it over my monitor to replace my hand sketch it would be really neat.
  23. I am attempting to prepare a demolition drawing for a renovation on which I am working. I am not able to get the individual wall components or a styled wall (e.g. gyp board) to adopt the style of the standard VW demolition class(red Dashed) when placed in that class. also Door and windows in a wall placed in the demolition class retain ther origional line weight and color. also Stairs generated with the stair tool will not change from the class in which they were created (Vert Trans-Main). How are others dealing with these issues?
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