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  1. How does one turn on the member identifier mark, "Member ID" in a 2d plan view" ? Or in 3D I am looking for something similar to "Framing member label text"
  2. In the "create interior elevations" tool, what is the function of the "Detail Number". Can it be displayed automatically in the interior elevation view port title. I was thinking it might be used to display the room number of a space associating multiple interior elevations to their specific space.
  3. Is the a way to fade the edges of a sheet layer viewport from 100% transparent to 0% transparent. Similar to photo vignette except in reverse.
  4. I there a was to fade the edges of a sheet layer viewport. From 100% transparent to 0% transparent. Similar to the vignette feature of a photo processing program except in reverse.
  5. I can make the Double profile eave work - see example set at 6" vert.; however when I add a fascia it projects above the roof line. Also - when using a roof style the Structural Wood Component renders without a fill. It appears that I must manually add a rake trim piece. In previous versions I was able to "fake" the rake by setting the roof thickness to the dimension of the rake and adjusting the roof bearing height accordingly. Any suggestions for 2016?
  6. Good afternoon Wes, I am having trouble replicating the Hillside EL White First problem seems to be creating HDRI Black background. I attempted to edit HDRI White to black, but when asked to select a different image no image are selectable (grayed out - JPEG file type) What is VW looking for in an image?
  7. I use the "put the door in the wall" approach then place the curtainwall in the opening. It is a bit of a pain when moving things around as you have to move several elements.
  8. Wes Thanks for the Worksheet - Helps to explain the nomenclature of the level settings embedded in VW! I have been confused as to what exactly the top and bottom of the structure was intended to define. Worksheet makes it pretty clear - the top and bottom of the structural framing associated with the with story. Could you post the file that created the building shown in the two *.png files. It might answer a couple of questions that I have i.e.: How was the stepped footing and foundation wall created? How are the components of the slab styles defined How much of the section is created from the underlying components? - specifically how was the brick ledge created in the poured concrete wall - were the roof sheathing and ceiling material associated with the roof face or added manually to the section, Thanks Rick Bohl
  9. Is there a way to show added data with a window tag (In plan or elevation) such as the window size. It common custom in my area on residential jobs to show window sizes and operation on the plan rather than creating a window schedule. As a work around I have been entering the data manually in the window tag fields. This method works ok - other than taking time - however I have been caught several times changing the window size and not updating the tag info. The data is there associate with the window it would be great to get at it and display it in the tag.
  10. Can any one help or direct me to a tutorial or workaround. I am trying to add an "L" landing - straight run - straight landing to a "U stair single landing created with the stair tool. Please see attached
  11. Can anyone add mutins to new window shapes i.e. round, octagon. The mutins pane of the setting OIP is grayed on my machine.
  12. I. Am trying to add the info :rNo :rDate To a drawing list worksheet. As they are not part of the record attached to the title block symbol, I am not able to get them to populate the work sheet. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  13. Has anyone seen a script for turning auto classing on and off. or; changing "create dimension in dimension class"
  14. When creating an elevation of a roof created using the "create roof" tool with the insert soffit function option, I can not seem to get rid of the line between the roof and the soffit. (see attached file). So far i have tried - Ungrouping and trying to group roof face with soffit as a generic solid. For construction drawing line elevations I can mask away the unwanted line with a filled shape at each instance but this seems a bit cumbersom and time consuming. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. Very Interesting looking. Is anyone currently using MagicPlan? - Is there an accuracy issue with larger rooms? - What method is used to transfer plan to VW?
  16. I am working on my custom Title blocking trying to get the "Drawing Mumber" and "Sheet Title" to back fill from Sheet layer names as noted in the Navigation-Sheet Layers Box. Does anyone know the field names that I might add to my custom title block Record format. Thanks
  17. I have always been mystified by the Framing member tool. The first time I used it the Open web steel joist mode the default settings forced me to place a minimum length truss of 41'4.8". I gave up for a couple of months. After another try and adjusting all of the parameters I was able to get a reasonable looking truss. It seems the panel spacing controls the minimum length of the truss rather than the length being specified and the panels adjusting accordingly to some reasonable setting. Has anyone built a truss library containg truss PIO's?
  18. Have you checked to see the the "Component-wall classes ..." are on in each viewport?
  19. If your radiused molding was an extrude along a path I was having a similar problem with the extrusion "not staying put". In my case extrusion was created at Z=0, then moved into position to Z= 8.5'. After several operations including view changes extrusion reverted to Z=0. Not related to grouping or ungrouping or included within a symbol, but IHTH. I believe it may be a bug.
  20. Thank you for the comments. I am making progress. I have a custom label tool available in my design document. I successfully followed the 19 steps in the help section titled ?custom ID Label? I still am having problems. When I attempt to use the ID Label tool in my design document and place an ID tag the ID/specification tool pallet opens ID Type: Plumbing Fixt Record is available for selection (My record format) ID Style: Plumbing Fixture ID is available for selection (The custom ID label I created) Duplicate Existing ID: has no selections Create New ID checked With the following options Auto increment ID Label Write ID Fields of records with match field: ?model? (one of the record fields) I still am not able to get the ID Tag to recognize the symbol (a sink) record format. The text in the custom label will not populate and increment the symbol plumbing fixt record ID number. Text in custom ID label is linked to TagSchema ?Label? field.
  21. I have tried and tried to master the ID Label Tool, But each iteration leaves me looking more like a fool, Is there anyone who can help this frustrated creature, with what should be an intuitive feature?
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