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  1. What is the format for displaying ifc data in a worksheet. I am playing around with the new data tag tool. I have a data tag tool associated with a wall and the tag  text defaults to the ifc data associated with the mark field under the wall styles data tab. 


    I am trying to create a report that displays an image of the wall tag as well as the data associated with the wall style

  2. Good morning,


    That is exactly what I am looking for!

    From a cursory look it appears that the data field names are pretty strait forward - that is no abbreviations. for example:

    ='Title Block Border'.'Sheet Size Name'


    That said is there a data dictionary that identifies each data field by name. 

  3. Are the data fields on the title block accessible via work sheet. I would like to create a sheet list that has added data not available in the "standard sheet list" built by the reports function. i.e. issue number and date


  4. There is a drop down menu at the bottom on the attributes pallet that give a choice to make an object " make all attributes by class" or if no object is selected it makes the the default "Make all attributes by class". I was looking for a faster way than having to navigate down the attributes menu and then select an option in a drop down menu.

  5. Ok, so i signed up for "Bimobject" entered my user identification key. set user settings "download symbol to active drawings only"

    Clicked on an object on the Bimobject site (thru vectorworks via the Bimobject tool) got to the download window and tried to down load both an IFC and a Rivit model.

    When I tried to place the object in a new drawing I get an "X" with a dotted box around it. But no object is placed, nor is one downloaded into the Resource Browser.


    Any advice


    After further research (I should have continued reading the help section) sketch up file type worked just fine.


    1. Select the file format to download (either  .vwx, or a compatible format such as  .dwg,  .skp, or  .3ds), and click to download the file.

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