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  1. Hi Kate, The printer, video driver and QuickTime version etc all remained the same as they were when VectorWorks 8 was working. The only change was an AutoCAD 2000 installation and (we later found out) an ArchiCAD installation. We have since reimaged the PC, reinstalled VectorWorks and AutoCAD 2000 and all is working fine. ArchiCAD was not needed and therefore not reinstalled. Thanks, Sharon
  2. A user had VectorWorks 8 working on his XP SOE PC until AutoCAD 2000 was installed on it. He now gets the "MS Visual C++ Runtime Error" on trying to launch VectorWorks 8. VectorWorks has been reinstalled but the error message persists and he is no longer able to use the software. Is there a known conflict? Is there a known solution? Thanks.


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