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  1. @michaelk I think you are generous to say that I was close! @MullinRJ I have copied your third solution (like a trained monkey, haha) with great success! I appreciate the explanations and various examples, these help me (slowly) understand the greater principles and commands. Thanks both of you for taking the time to post your replies, I am gratefully standing on your shoulders! I have another question, but will digest and play around for a bit before coming back, I don't fully understand all the commands and process yet and need a bit of time to play around.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am trying to build a worksheet to calculate landscape area (Australian CDC regulations). For landscaping their is a requirement for water permeable area or 'Landscaped Area' It is a percentage of the total site area determined by lot size: 200- 300m2 10% Landscape Area 300- 450m2 15% Landscape Area 450- 600m2 20% Landscape Area 600- 900m2 30% Landscape Area 900- 500m2 40% Landscape Area 1500m2 + 45% I have created a database line to get the site area from a class. The formula I am having trouble with needs to determine an 'IF' function, something ; like: =IF(C7=>600) and (C7<90) (C7*0.3)


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