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  1. Gosh, that is so frustrating, and pretty ridiculous considering the money it cost, even for the Fundamentals (which is still crashing for us, with Catalina, when we add a title block). Seems there is a huge demand for publishing to PDF at the fundamentals level. Any chance that VW is considering allowing us "cheap" users to publish to pdf.... So either we pay for the design series ($900 more?) or service select? How much is service select, no prices posted online? Thank you for your help, feel frustrated and stuck.
  2. Hi there, is there still no way to publish to PDF in Fundamentals 2020? Thanks
  3. We did the combo Update and still same issues: The sheet layers work and show the drawn designs, but nothing shows up on the design layer, and the drawing tools are acting funny, for instance when I draw a square and enter desired sizes, hit enter, the sizes change... is it a settings issue? All our classes and layers are on. Not sure how to fix. Thanks for the help. G.
  4. Great, thank you, will give that a shot. g.
  5. Oops, same issues but we are on VW2019 Thanks Pat g.
  6. Hi there, we are also having these issues (above). We recently did an OS update and VW not working as usual. Any fixes/ things we should do to get back to normal? Thanks G.
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