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  1. UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/E6Xp_x7fvdY
  2. Hello Neal, Files have been fixed. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, Just sharing parametric models for sofa/armrest (FOR FREE), with changeable number of seats and scale sensitive representation in plan views and 3D. They are 3 in total. https://youtu.be/DMSFgyEDxR0 Hope they might help.
  4. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new PIO for Moving Head Beam - a simple object available for free. https://bit.ly/3mhdnM4 Thanks.
  5. Hello all, Just sharing the new 3D/2D symbols for Security Cameras. Vectorworks 2019+ Video: https://youtu.be/teE8emdxtI0 +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/security-cameras-bim/ Thanks.
  6. Hello all, Just sharing the new Parametric Pergola for VW 2019 and later. FOR FREE https://youtu.be/DOrtnZa4R-E +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/pergola-parametric/ Thank you.
  7. Hello all, Just sharing these Hygienic Showers for Vectorworks 2019+. They are for free. video +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/hygienic-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  8. Hello all, Just sharing the brand new library parts for Showers. 5 different types - with scale sensibility features - LOD. OBJECT FOR FREE! video: https://youtu.be/lVxfOx0bF0s +info: http://kilobim.com/index.php/portfolio/chuveiro-shower-bim/ Thanks.
  9. Hello all, A new BIM object is available for Vectorworks 2019 and later versions: a special faucet with water filter. More info you find this find. Object is for FREE video: https://youtu.be/91dR8G0EoV0 Hope that might help. I'm open for suggestions on more objects/symbols to be developed. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, I would like to share a parametric tactile paving with two types: Warning and Directional. Number of pavings changes according length. Object is for free! https://youtu.be/kjsuUYhb0mo Hope that might be helpful somehow. Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I've created a 3d parametric geometry by Marionette, an converted that to a plugin object. However, when I load it to another project, geometry loses many parts , and when I open script, many nodes have lost their connections. Why (for God sake) it happens? I made many test in the original PIO file, and it's OK, but in other projects, no. Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone, I would like to share a plugin object for Vectorworks 2019, PreBeam - predimensioned concrete beam. The height of the beam changes according length (span) and the type set (2 points, continuous or cantilever). http://www.kilobim.com/viga-predimensionada-vectorworks/ On youtube there is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zpihB-IFh8&feature=emb_title The plugin objects is available Free. Thank you.
  13. Hello again, Is there a way to assign texture to a 3D symbol using a parameter created in Marionette to control that? I'm creating a furniture (attached file) and there is one parameter to choose the Seat Texture, the options are three (Red, Blue and Grey - stored in Resource Library). The symbols are already placed by symbol node, but they don't get the textures. So, I'm bit lost with that issue. Thanks in advance. Question_Chair_01.vwx
  14. Hello all, Is there a way to use a parametric object made by Marionette in other documents? I have converted symbol into a Plugin Object, and now it is listed in red in my Resource Manager. However when I try to load this red item into another document, Vectorworks crashes or document displays only the 2D symbol. And I would like to have whole stuff: the 3Ds and whole parametrization that affects the object. What's wrong? Thanks.
  15. Hello all, I'm creating a furniture by Marionette and I have placed a Symbol node in order to get scale sensitive 2D views from one existing symbol. It works fine in plan view, but in section viewports it doesn't - shows the 3D projection of furniture shape, with inconvenient lines/edges. Is there a way to replace the views by the ones which are set in the Symbol node? Thanks.
  16. I've got a solution placing a customized Same String node (called "Replace String") - in order to get association between color and Reference Codes. Thanks. data object v2.vwx
  17. Hi again, Is there a way to make association between textures and data? The attached file has an pop up menu for texture type, the options are Green, Blue and Red. And I want to assign a Reference Code for each option, such as: Green - "001"; Blue - "002"; Red - "003" I tried with "IF" and "Valve" nodes, but I didn't get expected result, keeping always the same Reference Code. Thanks in advance. data object.vwx
  18. MRoth, it worked like a charm. Thanks for help! I'm an ArchiCAD GDL veteran, so in the previous I used the "IF" statement in a very GDL script style, and of course that is not the Marionette way. M
  19. Hello again, I'm having difficulties on how to get three different shapes according options provided by a pop-up menu, which are: Cone, Cylinder and Prism. 'Cone' option works fine. However, for 'Cylinder' and 'Prism' I can't get isolated shapes, as seen bellow. How can I solve that? You find file in the attachmets. Thanks in advance. cone-cylind-prism.vwx
  20. I got the answer here Thanks.
  21. Hi again, Now my question is how to attach/nest a 3D geometry (imported from SketchUP/3DS) to marionette script? I want to add the imported shape and set an elevation which is going to be constraint by a cylinder height, as shown bellow. I'm trying to use some "Get" nodes but as a rookie I'm still struggling with that. Again, thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks GRZEGORZ for fast reply. Here you find attached file. ParametricTable.vwx
  23. Hello everyone, I'm beginner in Marionette and It is my very first topic. I'm creating a parametric table and I have some questions: 1) How to set minimum and maximum values for distances (height, depth and width)? 2) The table has two texture parameters. Depending on what material I choose to the board, it changes the legs as well, to another random material. Why am I doing wrong? 3) Is it possible to set a fixed material? For example, keep material for legs always as Stainless Steel that users can not change - similar as we have with Revit Family Type parameters. Here is some pictures to get an idea of my questions:
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