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  1. I looked at viewport properties in VW2021 help and it appears that all the parameters that are showing up in 2020 should also appear in 2021 in the OIP.  My guess it that there is a setting somewhere that is restricting visibility of all parameters while in annotation mode.  I looked in the resource manager it only shows the generic style with some edit options but not the full menu.   I'm drawing a blank on this one.

  2. I inserted some new windows in the model and they seem to show fine in wire frame not in Open GL.  The original windows appear as they should.  However, the original door does not.  The only setting changed was on the second floor slab.  It was switched from manual bounding to auto bounded.   What's the setting i'm missing here.  I am also having the same issue on the back wall as you can see.

    Screenshot (35).png

    Screenshot (36).png

    Screenshot (37).png

  3. Working with a tutorial video.  We have 1st and second floor slab and 1st and second floor exterior walls in.  In his view of the second floor slab I am looking for the setting that allows him to see the framing cavity of the wall.  I checked class settings and they appear to be the same.  What's the setting I'm missing?

  4. I thought the size might be an issue so I removed the details like lintel and trim and it still did it but I will check height.  I removed wall peak so we will see  if that helps.  I was able to simply use the reshape tool and drag it back into place but then had to use the wall join tool to connect at the corner.  Here is the front view.

    Screenshot (35).png

  5. I am going through one of the tutorial videos and reset settings according to the Professor.   My grid lines are there but I have to zoom in to see them.  I am in 1=10 scale and have the grid lines set to 1" both on snap and symmetrical.  When I zoom out less than 97% the grid goes away.  Is there a standard grid size setting that seasoned landmark users set to?

  6. I choose a hatch fill for part of the border of this home and then found a stipple pattern in the resource manager for the other.  On the hatch I just choose the boundary and it fills automatically.  With the stipple pattern I had to retrace the area for it to fill.  I'm a bit confused as to the difference.  Is there a way to apply the stipple from the resource manager the same way as a hatch, pattern, tile, gradient or fill from the attributes pallet.  

    Screenshot (32).png

  7. I think I can use the building shell tool to create the basic shape.  I would be interested in laying out the floor, joists, rafters, windows and doors though.  I touched on it previously with my trainer but just need to fill in some gaps.

  8. Thanks Jeff that's very generous.  This is an exercise I want to do as a matter learning the software.  I am guessing that I will need to use a combination of building shell tools, lines and offsets.  This pic is for our local building department and likely does not need to be super detailed but I'd like to know what it takes to draw it up in Landmark.  I will be meeting with my trainer on Monday and will have him help me with it.   


    How do landmark users lay out and spec. a deck?

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