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  1. @niagara designer I grew up on the niagara river in western ny.  You know the difference between the sides.  It makes sense that your working in Ontario wind country.  Not much going on on the US side especially in NF.   landartma Littleton Ma.  Not enough work in Niagara USA when I started... I think its getting a bit better but as you likely know the area has been depressed for 50 years.

    I'm not sure about the jpegs or pdfs.  My guess is that the more flotsam you can purge out of your system the better.  I just seem to have resolved this issue myself.  It looks like save to local disc and then back up by operation are the big keys.  It seems as if on one of my templates which I created from a job I did when I first started is where I have many of my slowdowns.  I'm thinking its still somehow connected to the original file.  It behaves like something big is running in the background.  I'll create a new one then see how it goes.

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    Completely off the subject.  Are you working in the Niagara area?  I grew up there.  I changed my back up settings to 20 operations and it seems to run better.  To the VW powers that be its a great topic for a training.  Keep VW race ready.

  3. That makes sense.  I read on a few other forums that saving by operation is the way to go.  I go to layout a bunch of ground cover and it crashes.  Now I have a clue(s) as to why.  Thanks @Boh

  4. That could be it.  For some reason it did move to one drive.  which would make sense one drives connectivity is suspect much of time.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks!

  5. I have consistent issues with backup.  Even on small docs.  I was just working on a small planting the program crashed when I filled a landscape area with ground covers.  I restarted and changes for the last 3 hours were gone.  The backup did not happen.  I searched the hard drive to see if it went somewhere else and it did not.  I did the original save, back up is set for every 10 minutes.  This happens frequently and I have to keep redoing work.  Where am I going wrong here...I'm loosing my shirt.

  6. The issue is that I was essentially down for a few hours while I dealt with it, or tried to.  Once you have basic competence its the glitches that slow the work flow down and cost money.  To be fair it was way, way worse with the last software I used.  Especially given the complexity of this software in comparison.  I think its just a fact of life with any programs.  Anyone with advise on how to limit glitchiness would be well received.

  7. Ok that was weird.  Tried all the simple stuff.  Made sure RM set to all resources, refreshed, started VW again, rebooted machine...Nothing.  Then I clicked on the top left which was set to Flip layout.  Clicked both Preview and Browser Pane and it all came back.  So I set it back to Flip and its all still there. 

  8. Yea just refreshed and restarted the program.  Still nothing.  Are there visibility settings in the resource manager?  I have all resources turned on but its as if I only one selected.

  9. I'm not sure its an issue with the folders.  See the simple planting plan I'm working on.  Nothing that's in the file is showing in the resource manager for that plan.  

    Screenshot (48).png

  10. I didn't intentionally move the file.  If I did how do I relink it? I located the file in VW backup but it shows nothing.  I am picking up the plant files when I search plants from plant tool and picking up my lines from the line selection in the attributes pallet.


  11. I have created many resources and saved them to my favorites file.  I just opened up a file and my resources do not show up.  I was just using them the other day.  All resources are on so I'm guessing I toggled something off.  Any ideas on what went wrong here.

    Screenshot (47).png

  12. Ok that's what I thought.  I'm getting nothing when I do that.  I have used the function before and it took me to the particular plant grouping on the plan.  I'm guessing like usual I have a setting wrong.  I'm also having a separate issue with plants not being counted.  But here is a shot of the page maybe you can see the issue.  I will also post as a separate issue. 

    Screenshot (45).png

    Screenshot (46).png

  13. I have a texture I want to edit.  I could swear I have done it several times before right from the resource manager.  I bring up the image right click, left click and get nothing.  Am I forgetting something?  I made my initial image to small and it tiling when I place it.

  14. My navigation pallet just started reordering my layers each time I click a layer.  Its messing up my work flow because I can't keep my layers straight because they keep reordering.  The layer number stays the same but it scrambles up the order.  I also just realized it won't let me reorder my layers so 1 is on top and the count goes up as I scroll down.1898047545_Screenshot(39).thumb.png.6e51fb8b84186a0997192e947db0fac8.png

  15. I am building a display area for a shed manufacturer and have laid out circulation and variety of shed sizes.  I started taking the dimensions right off the OIP for the noted size of the buildings.  The buildings on the xy axis are accurate but the ones that deviate from it show odd measurements.  I'm guessing that the measure in the OIP is the xy dimension of the blue handles not the object.   Is there a way besides actually dimensioning each shed or running the tape measure to click on them and get the actual dimensions of the building on the OIP


    The other odd thing is that the buildings were created using the square tool then placed and rotated to fit specific offsets from fences.  Once I had them rotated to fit I adjusted the size in the OIP.  Now some of the buildings that are off access have not only the wrong  dimensions in the OIP but also have really odd dimensions when I use the dimension tool.  I'm guessing that both issues have the same answer.   Is there a setting for items which are off axis.

    Screenshot (38).png

    Screenshot (37).png

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