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  1. I've tried to configure my video card with limited results.  It would be nice if there was specific info on configuration or a config tool.  I have searched for the White Paper no luck.  I'd love to see it.  I have a buddy who's an Architect runs all PC with Cad and Revit.  I discussed it with him.  He does not have issues.


  2. I imported this DWG file from my old software and want to turn it just in to black lines.  I went through and put the symbols and line work on the layers they should be on on one the other is still in imported form.  Is there a way to change everything to B&W line work.  It seems as if the old plant symbols are the only things I can't change.  This is old work from old software but I need this one in VW.

    Screenshot (206).png

    Screenshot (210).png

  3. Client Relationship Management-My understanding-Its software that helps a company manage clients but in reality its a suite that helps a company manage all aspects of the business.  Some of the dedicated landscape design programs have it built in but seem to lack in almost every other way.  I came from another software that had that ability but it was an expensive add on and a bit wonky.  We are a small shop so we can't justify the purpose built packages due to price and the freeware or cheap ware are not worth the electrons they use to function.  So we have a combination of quickbooks for accounting, clockshark time management, ADP for payroll, a new one called EZBZ for daily scheduling which is great but is still in Beta and has is not working on my device due to a bug on my device,  Lastly big whiteboards for project workflow.  Quickbooks, Clockshark, and ADP will all talk to each other so that chunk can be automated to keep accounting costs down a bit.  When it comes to getting a complete look at all clients, follow up, scheduling, sales flow, project document management, Invoicing, change orders, photos etc. I have yet to find a software that works for my business.  My old software would generate takeoffs and put them on a preformatted excel spreadsheet which included full headers and could be turned into an invoice very easily.  It had some functionality to create automated bundles like for a patio based on square footage and supposedly would generate quantities of excavated material, structural, fill, screeding material, paver quantities, boarders, edging Etc.  Try as I might I never got it to work.  VW does a pretty decent job with takeoffs but it would be nice to see  a spread sheet with formatting options so an estimate can be created directly from the drawing or exported to a preformatted excel spread sheet.  That's it in a nutshell.  If anyone with a small design build shop has a good system they use or a network they tap into for this kind of discussion I'd be very interested to know about it.

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  4. Did you check your specs against what VW recommends.  I'd hate to see you spend $$$$$ on a machine that may or may not solve your problem.  My machine fits the spec just above mid range and should be perfect what I'm doing but I have significant issues with speed, ram consumption and the spinning blue wheel of death.  My understanding is that configuration is key, and putting your project together in the right sequence is also key.  I still don't have quite a grip on it but if I'm correct you don't want to be graphically intensive in the early phase of your project.  I have some issues in 2d...3d is where I see significant failure.  I'd like to see a full on start to finish instruction sheet for settings on a PC and how to manage a doc for performance.  I could be completely off base here and If so someone let me know.  And yes I know the solution is Mac...according to mac disciples.  There's a ton to look out for.  


  5. I know this may not be directly related to VW but I need a CRM to help manage my company.  The problem is that most seem to be geared to mow&Blow, snow removal, irrigation and fertilization route services.  Has anyone here found one that works well for a design build company?  Maybe even one that plays nice with VW.

  6. Funny I just spoke to a surveyor today.  He was using a system which cost his company around 9k and still leaves much to be desired.  He said outside of total station there is a bunch of correction work to be done in the office.  His feeling is that we are not to far off from a smart phone app being able to to "landscaper grade" site measurements.  I don't need really really accurate I just need pretty accurate but fast. 

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  7. In looking at whats out there.  There are some systems introduced to me by Bryan G. during training sessions...Spectra Epoch and Emlid which I have not pulled the trigger on yet.  They are pricey but my understanding is that they do everything from elevations to point to point measurements.  I would guess they will plot to a cad file.  Anyone with experience on these?

  8. This is a persistent problem.  I'm trying to get a plan done and insert some plants or fill landscape areas and the system re renders constantly which takes forever.  My machine is up to the job according to the specs given by VW.  I have my graphics settings set to low.  File size 164.98 meg, document settings-preferences 72dpi.  I haven't started manipulating it in 3d. What am I missing?

  9. Cool thanks for the clarification.  I will give it a shot.  I never know why a function works one day and settings seem to change.  I could be an unwitting move on my part but is it possible that with updates settings get modified.  

  10. In particular the advanced criteria.  I just want Latin name common, name, quantity, price, extended price on my plants the report comes up blank.  It never did prior to the 2022 overhaul.   Preformatted come up populated but with a bunch of data I don't want or need then I need to export it and delete all the extraneous data. 


    Feedback to the VW development team.  Please focus on stuff the community has been shouting out for.  Landscape walls is one.  I'd happily spend my time and money on learning new and improved design features but having to dedicate time and money to relearning how to make a report is a waste for my business.

  11. I did not do anything about Moasure.  There seem to be systems popping up daily.  I did buy a Bosh laser tape measure.  Gotta say its pretty awesome.  Tough when measuring down a straight wall.  You'll need to make a target.  Mine is my note book jammed into what ever I can find.  My understanding, talking to some civil engineering friends, is that I'm way behind the times when it comes to site measurements.  

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