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  1. What setting would cause my plant symbols to no longer have edit behavior?
  2. Yes I have done that. The problem seems to exist in the items in my None class. I think I may have narrowed it down to a tile pattern I made. But now I want to know what causes the issue I'm having. Mostly so I don't repeat it. I will post it once I narrow it down.
  3. I had a file which kept seizing up with the blue wheel of death but not crashing it was trying to solve something related to geometry. The first time I went through all my layers and found some stake objects and other stuff that went awry. Then I took all the layers cut and pasted in place on a new drawing file and I was off to the races. That file is working fine. I just solved the same issue with another file. I think. What causes that to happen? What's the most efficient way to find problems so they can be fixed.
  4. No idea I'm not using 23 yet. What I have been told and shown is to use an extrude. I haven't messed with it so I don't know if or how it will work with a site modifier.
  5. Figured that out. How do you prevent them from overlapping in the first place.
  6. How are overlapping site modifiers handled. VW positions them automatically but it appears as if they go beyond the Wall and slab in this case.
  7. Ok so since we are playing show and tell. Here is what I ended up with. The PL tool worked fine once I figured it out. When I realized the plan was off by feet I decided to get it as accurate as possible. Quite frankly for what I do a trace over that I just verify line lengths usually works but this one was too far off so I decided to figure out how to use bearing tools. Really great conversation. Your collective input is much appreciated. Wait till you see how I screw up my site models....LOL 818188086_RenyBaseMap.vwx
  8. So you need to enter degree minute and second symbols. The videos I looked at say you can just put in the values N45 15 75W for example. It does work for the property line tool.
  9. Yup I use that function frequently it is a time saver. And thank you for offering the help. So here's a question. When I went to use the line tool, set coordinates and it snapped to 0. I drew the line entered the coordinates ex n4 15 33w and it just snaps to 0 or does nothing. My guess is that I'm missing something simple.
  10. It appears as if you have to have a closed object to convert to a property line or create an object from a shape in general. I was able to convert a simple square as expected. My intuition said since its a line I should be able to convert any line to a property line. Can Lines not be converted into Objects? I'm guessing that a line can not be defined as a shape and is unidimensional in the VW world. So I just figured out the tool...sort of. Its pretty easy to go back...I think. Anyhow I got it done but had to hack in my curves close the property then I was able to convert the rest of the lines. That's another learning moment.
  11. I ended up figuring it out. My biggest issue with the tools, 3d work flows etc. is that the instruction videos run through a very superficial rundown of the tool. They very rarely go through the nuance. In this case it was how to back out of a line in order to redo a mistake. I watched it several times so if I'm missing something LMK. Now I need to figure out how to work the curve function. I ended up closing the dialog window repositioning the drawing then reopening. It would be cool if you could do it while the dialogue box is open. Enter the value hit next and it just moves on to the next point then you can hit Add, Update, Previous or Next. I messed with that for a while and think I have it down. Again a video with a bit more time spent would be useful. I've found that once you understand a tool they work pretty well. Its getting that understanding that's the challenge.
  12. I am using or at least attempting to use the property line tool. When the dialog box is open I can't manipulate the plan. For example if the dialog box covers info I need I can't simply move it out of the way or adjust the drawing page to see what I want.
  13. I will screw with it for a while longer. As with all software I have used there is a ton of instruction that's lacking in the instructions. For instance how to go back once you've made an error. There is a 5 minute video on it but does not explain things like. "you made a line you don't want...this is how to fix it". If I go at it for a while I may actually figure it out. Thanks for the help.
  14. Get the error One of more of the selected objects could not be converted into the target subject type. This is both trying to convert a Line and a Poly Line.
  15. Don't worry Kevin. Everything here is a bit confusing to me. The thing is so far off I think I must have been a snap shot or a scanner with warped glass. Maybe too many martini's were involved. Some of the best times involve cocktails though. The subdivision I'm working ended up getting built so that's a plus for 10 families. Thanks for the advice I'll give it a shot.
  16. I have on old hand drawn survey that's way off. I attempted to use the property line tool to dial it in. It creates the line but as soon as I click done the line disappears/deletes. What am I missing.
  17. I went to use Select Similar on the objects in the attached docs it won't select. See the Error. wow that's blurry.
  18. I've tried to configure my video card with limited results. It would be nice if there was specific info on configuration or a config tool. I have searched for the White Paper no luck. I'd love to see it. I have a buddy who's an Architect runs all PC with Cad and Revit. I discussed it with him. He does not have issues.
  19. Landartma


    I tried setting class and attributes and still see color. Thankfully I have them all in B&W PDF form. I'll have to mess with it.
  20. Landartma


    I imported this DWG file from my old software and want to turn it just in to black lines. I went through and put the symbols and line work on the layers they should be on on one the other is still in imported form. Is there a way to change everything to B&W line work. It seems as if the old plant symbols are the only things I can't change. This is old work from old software but I need this one in VW.
  21. That did the trick. The new install does not have the Vision Library error now. Thanks. So at this point it should be business as usual?
  22. Client Relationship Management-My understanding-Its software that helps a company manage clients but in reality its a suite that helps a company manage all aspects of the business. Some of the dedicated landscape design programs have it built in but seem to lack in almost every other way. I came from another software that had that ability but it was an expensive add on and a bit wonky. We are a small shop so we can't justify the purpose built packages due to price and the freeware or cheap ware are not worth the electrons they use to function. So we have a combination of quickbooks for accounting, clockshark time management, ADP for payroll, a new one called EZBZ for daily scheduling which is great but is still in Beta and has is not working on my device due to a bug on my device, Lastly big whiteboards for project workflow. Quickbooks, Clockshark, and ADP will all talk to each other so that chunk can be automated to keep accounting costs down a bit. When it comes to getting a complete look at all clients, follow up, scheduling, sales flow, project document management, Invoicing, change orders, photos etc. I have yet to find a software that works for my business. My old software would generate takeoffs and put them on a preformatted excel spreadsheet which included full headers and could be turned into an invoice very easily. It had some functionality to create automated bundles like for a patio based on square footage and supposedly would generate quantities of excavated material, structural, fill, screeding material, paver quantities, boarders, edging Etc. Try as I might I never got it to work. VW does a pretty decent job with takeoffs but it would be nice to see a spread sheet with formatting options so an estimate can be created directly from the drawing or exported to a preformatted excel spread sheet. That's it in a nutshell. If anyone with a small design build shop has a good system they use or a network they tap into for this kind of discussion I'd be very interested to know about it.
  23. Hey Pat just out of curiosity. Why rename the existing VW folder.
  24. Yea I think I need to do a reinstall.
  25. I'm still using 2022. I'm going to let 23 mature a bit but that's a topic for another thread. Can I reinstall 2022?
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