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  1. katie, sorry, i forgot to say that, yes I get an error message from Illustrator, like "The document uses fonts or characters wich are not available or are in a different format than originally specified". Obviously the font used in the VW file is the same that I can use in Illustrator. Bye
  2. Katie, This is the situation: with Acrobat 6 installed in my PC, if I open a VW file from VW, the program goes "runtime error". The only file that's open is the default page that appears as I start the program. As I unistall Acrobat 6, everything works! So I work with VectorWorks, without Acrobat 6... I sent an email to the Adobe staff, two days ago, and I'm waiting.... the second problem is about the fonts exported as EPS; even with Illustrator 8, they are changed (see my previous message). Thank you.
  3. Katie, thanks for the answer, but I made another test: I exported in EPS from VW 10, then I opened the file in Illustrator 8 and the same problem happened. Isn’t it strange? (I read in the manuals that VW exports in EPS format for Illustrator 8). About the Runtime error: it occurred with Acrobat 6 installed, even when I tried to open a VW file from the program...I couldn’t open no file from the program. I was able to open it only double clicking on the icon file. Thanks again.
  4. I just upgraded to VW 10.1.2, italian version (sorry for my english guys!), WIN XP, 512 RAM, and I’ve problems with fonts: when I export a file with fonts in EPS format and then I open it with Illustrator 10, the Adobe program changes fonts, like if the font wasn’t installed...BUT IT IS!...and it happens all the times, with every font! All of that didn’t happen with my old PC, running VW 9.5 and Win 2000! ...other problems: slow printing (HP 500), “runtime error” with Adobe standard 6 installed... Thanks.
  5. Plotting (with HP500) is very slow, since I upgraded to VW 10.1.2 Now I work with win XP, 512 RAM, and files with images (JPEG)or patterns are printed in several minutes; sometimes the plotter don't start, because it's elaborating enormous files... with my old PC (win 2000 and VW 9.5) printing was faster than now!
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