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  1. I've been on the phone to VW, apparently this is a bug in 2021, which will be fixed in the next release, for now I'm importing the hatch from 2020 drawings into the 2021 drawings, attached a drawing with the right hatch if that's useful Video Screen Hatch.vwx
  2. Hi All! So I'm having this problem with the coverage zones on my projects, rather than the usual pink crosses, I'm just getting a black texture - does anyone know a fix for this? I'm at a bit of a loss now! Thanks
  3. Hello! When I draw a line and tab into the bubble to change length/angle I can enter info and double tap enter, however, the line will simply be drawn where the cursor is on the screen - similarly when I move the cursor around the bubble will only display the last info I put into it rather than the 'live update' which it normally does (see image below) - it seems to be intermittent which make me think I'm pressing something! any ideas? If I go into a different view and back into top plan it sometimes seems to solve it but only briefly....
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