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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was any documentation on all the functions associated with objects in VectorScript? As an example, I am trying to calculate the angular dimensions between all points on a closed polyline... The following script seems to do a nice job of displaying and Angular Dim Object at each point However I was wondering how I could get the dimension that is displayed "out" of this object? I know it can be calculated using tan θ =(m2−m1)/1+(m1m2) but I was wondering if there was a way of getting if from the angular dim that has been create? Along these lines I was wondering if there is a reference somewhere that has all the various functions associated with objects in VectorScript? as examples: get(), set(), charAt() toInt etc? Many thanks
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to export a Lighting Device and its Focus Point from Vectorworks to Cinema 4D in such a way that it becomes a Target Light in Cinema, allowing come control in Cinema over where the Light is pointing? If so are there any good tutorials or other forum posts on this that I have missed? Many thanks
  3. Im looking for a way of representing LED flood fixtures within Vision. I started using the SGM Q7 (as that is the fixture I will be using for the show) however when these fixtures are exported and rendered in Vision they produce a beam more like a 26 degree S4... As does a Showtec Molefay and a variety of other LED flood fixtures however. They all behave the same, producing a narrow beam rather than a flood. I was wondering if anyone knew an alternate fixture, or a way to edit the Q7 symbol either within Vectorworks or Vision, that produce something more representative of a Q7, in terms of beam width when rendered through haze?
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