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  1. I am not sure if this is off topic but I am trying to extrude along a path a profile moulding that I have imported as a bitmap and then used the trace bitmap command. Vectorworks keeps telling me that I have illegal objects in my selection (A trifle harsh I thought.) Can anybody help me with this as the abilty to inport standard mouldings that I use in my work is a great boon to me Many Thanks
  2. I am trying to export from VW11 to Cinema 4d 8.5 and Vectorworks keeps crashing, is this part of the same problem that is described above or is this a different issue. Any help gratefully received, I have an urgent project to complete and am slightly stuck many thanks Dan
  3. Katie, I have been using VW and C4D to design sets for commercials and music videos (In England) If you are interested I shall post you the files. Also I have a few suggestions if you want to update the spotlight or architecture modules to reflect the needs of film designers. My email is dan@lsbart.co.uk and phone is 0044 7973 467 468 Regards Dan Betteridge
  4. With a Logitech, hold down the alt key and scroll/ shift and scroll moves sideways, and no key and scroll moves up and down. I didn't have to install a driver to use this feature
  5. I too found this problem amd am running the full industry series, I got round it by copying my backup fil back to my computer but I would like to be able to install it properly. It seemed to hang up on the spotlight gobos( but I'm not sure). I'm running OSX 10.3.2 on an 867Mhz G4 powerbook
  6. Just to add my weight to the requests. I too would like to see the marquee feature to more accurately define the elevation cut planes, also I would like to see various windows from different angles (such as Cinema 4d has)
  7. I have purchased a 120 and have found that with the res set to 300 dpi and in best mode (printing on ISCA plain paper) the plans come out sharp and accurate (on OSX 10.2.6), I haven't tried it at other resolutions but I have noticed that when set to normal mode the print is jagged (I use Vectorworks for designing film sets)


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