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  1. Everything is drawing in 2D. The workflow was to determine the masses in the plan and then flatten the arcs to draw all of the details and elevations. But, now we're at the point that we are moving the flattened plans back into the arcs. I know. I could draw it all using arc lengths, compose, etc. What I'm trying to figure out is if there's an easier way to take what is drawn flat and "bend" it to the appropriate arc as one piece as opposed to drawing all of the individual layers which would take some serious time. Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hi All! I drafting something complex with 30-40 total layers of different depth on concentric circles. We started with masses in plan and then drew flattened plans and elevations that now need to be wrapped backed into the overall plan on the appropriate radius. Is there a faster way to do this than re-drawing it? It’s not terrible but it seems there should be a way to wrap a 2D straight line and redraw it on a radius. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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