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  1. I'm retired and coming back to Vectorworks after a couple iterations. I need to do some Vertical Section Viewports for a tiny project. No longer in it for the money, I've opted this time, for the Fundamentals rather than Architect but please, don't tell me that a basic Section Viewport isn't fundamental. Somehow I can't seem to find any basic "how to" for Section Viewports on 2017. Wasn't it a simple menu option on 2012? Thanks!
  2. The zipped files each seem to refer to a single AutoCad drawing. Within that unzipped folder is a single dwg drawing plus several (secondary?) folders. 2 or 3 of these (secondary? folders have dwg files within. I have now been able to open that main dwg's with Illustrator - though not to scale. As that main dwg file slowly opens in Illustrator, the program calls for various other files that turn out to be some of those other dwg's in the (secondary?) folders. I really need to get these drawings to their accurate scale -- any help you can give will be much appreciated. It is frustrating to think that Illustrator seems to handle these CAD docs at least somewhat better than Vectorworks.
  3. The DWG is about 900K. In the last hour the little completion bar has not moved off about 5%. Forced Quit says Vectorworks is not responding. It sure looks stuck to me.
  4. I have received a batch of DWG files that need to be converted. Folders for each drawing are zipped together. Within each zipped folder is what appears to be the "master" DWG file, a text file that indicates this is an Autocad 2000 document. Also is an acad.fmp file, a "Block" folder with another dwg file within, "elevation" with 2 dwgs and a PlotCfgs with 4 items in it. But when asked to translate,the DWG files lock up Vectorworks -- when maybe 5% of the job is completed. How do I get into these files later to use them. RobinP Mac G5 dual processor running 10.4.10; Vectorworks 12.5.2
  5. It is very hard to figure the dimesions of a 3D polygon. My work-around method is to draw a 2D object on top and check it's dimesions in its Object Information Menu. The 3D Polygon's Object Information gives its surface (area) so it doesn't seem its actual dimensions would be much of a stretch. It would certainly be helpful to me.
  6. Most of the time offset duplicates makes me crazy but once in a while it would be very handy to have that feature. Now one needs to change (and change back) a preference to have this happen. Couldn't this be a standard tab or shift key option?
  7. In the museum world objects are always listed HxDxW. A Vectorworks rectangle is entered X axis followed by Y; I can't begin to guess how many hours I've spent correcting inproperly input numbers. Couldn't there be a preference box to set up the input order for people who think height first?


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