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  1. Hi Pat, I went to go to wireframe but it was already checked. Then I went to OpenGL and the render came back. Thanks so much! I'm a bit confused about what the terms Renderworks quality renders, Wireframe and OpenGL actually mean. Can you shed more light on that or point me to somewhere that explains it? Thanks again! Soooo glad I didn't do something that meant I would have to redo the entire thing!
  2. Hi, Noob here. I'm wondering where the render has gone from my whole drawing when I go into flyover tool mode. Basically it used to be there when I used it before, but after setting up the sun/shade and heliodon when I go from 2D plan to 3D using the flyover tool all the render and fill have disappear and only the lines of the drawing remain. The background is a pale green instead of having the green and blue split to represent ground/sky. I'm not sure what I did to get it to this mode and what to do to get it back. I've tried playing with visibilities but it doesn't seem to make a difference. See screen grab https://imgur.com/a/TUuRwyI Can anyone help?


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