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  1. It would seem that updating viewport doesn't do anything to return the text to its "upside down" initial creation. I've attached a screenshot showing the different variations of settings and their effects. Also attaching the file. Adjust Flipped Text example.vwx
  2. Update after bashing my head against the wall a little further: If I go into document settings and uncheck "Adjust Flipped Text" and then go back to the viewport and rotate the annotations to where I want, and then go back and check "Adjust Flipped Text" the text stays in the upside down orientation. Can anyone from Vectorworks weigh in on this? This seems like a bug.
  3. Hi Friends, I have a conundrum with "Adjust flipped text". I'm working in a viewport in which I want to rotate text upside down (I know, sounds weird...but I have my reasons). If I unselect "Adjust Flipped Text" in the viewport's advanced properties it still does not allow me to have upside down annotations...HOWEVER if I go to document settings and unselect "Adjust Flipped Text" it lets me do it in the viewport. I generally like to drive Vectorworks with Adjust Flipped Text selected in the overall document, but sometimes want to make non-standard choices with how I annotate viewports, which I would imagine is why this option exists in the OIP for a viewport...but appears to do nothing. I've been working in Vectorworks 2020, but exported the file back to 2019 and found that the behavior is the same. I would appreciate any insights! Alex


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