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  1. Hi Pat, Thank you very much for your answer. This solves one out of two problems. Now I can set the class for a data tag. What I am trying to do is: I have a symbol with a record format attached to it. One of the fields in the record is "Name". I have made a script that assigns the given symbol to a class named after the "Name" field in my record format. Then I add some data tags to show data about this symbol. Next, I want to assign the data tag to a class based on the "Name" field in the record format of the associated symbol. (Puh, long sentence). A small example. SymbolA with a record format with a field "Name"="Paul" My current script will assign this symbol to a class named "Symbolprefix-Paul" The problem: SymbolA has a data tag associatedwith it. When I run the script, the data tag should end up in a class called: "Datatagprefix-Paul" So I need a way to get a handle to the associated object when I loop through the data tags. Sorry about the confusing explaination.
  2. Hi there, I am using data tags to make lighting labels in spotlight. I have created a small script that assigns all lighting instruments to a class with the same name as the lighting instrument (with a prefix). The result is something like this: Lighting Fixtures-Mac Aura XB. Since I am using data tags to display instrument data like adresses, circuits and so on, I want to automate the process of assigning the data tags to the correct class. E.g. Lighting Labels-Mac Aura XB. To do this, I need to iterate through all data tags and and assign them to a class dependent of the name of the connected lighting instrument. Is this possible to do in a script? The data tag part of the vectorscript documentation is quite limited.


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