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  1. Hi everybody I would like to modify my existing roof panel so that the beam structure (green part) has a slope. Currently I can't find an extrude (or other node) to perform a slope extrusion. The yellow part is a plate of OSB, this one should follow the slope of the beam structure. Is this currently not possible or do I just not know the right method? Thank you in advance! Martijn Theunissen
  2. Thank you very much! This is indeed the solution, even the vectorworks helpline couldn't find it.
  3. Hello everyone I am currently experiencing a problem with my IFC/marionette objects. I have linked records to my marionette objects, for example IFCWall, IFCWindow, IFCSlab.... Now I would like to adjust the materials and components within these records. However, I have already tried this with setRecordField, but without success. Is this possible or does it go too far for marionette? I also add my IFCSlab with the underlying script. Thank you in advance!


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