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  1. 1. It is a matter of opinion and you are probably right about architects using it that way. But I build racks. And I have never coordinated front-mounted equipment with rear-mounted equipment that way 🙂 I agree on using viewports to render what I need, but it will never be accurate with half-rack equipment on the rear side without making extra steps. Which in turn messes with the 3D layout. 2. As I discussed with Nikolay. The mounting depth parameter does not take negative values. Thus it can only move things further into a rack.
  2. 1) Yes. If I did not use symbols. With symbols this will not work. 2) Yes. To be able to make the mounting depth take negative values will be sort of a workaround (but it will work). I guess the best way would probably be to actually use the insertion point.
  3. I don't. At least I am not drawing sockets in the rack 3D layout. But Connectcad can use the socket name of sockets on connector panels as the label on panels (equipment items) in both 2D rack elevation and 3D layout. Which is smart.
  4. Tank you for your time @Nikolay Zhelyazkov 1. Yes, this corresponds with what I see but I don't understand why and I don't agree with the logic 🙂. When drawing in "Rear Rack View" (Top/Plan) I think it is logical that the view is from the back. Not viewed through the front. When making viewports of the rear of a rack, where there in my world (touring and rental audio) is a lot of panels and equipment items, the view in both 2D and 3D should be with the rack spun 180 degrees. Actually, this is not a problem with full-rack width items but will be problematic for half-rack items. 2. Moving the insertion point to the top left front (of the rack ears) makes it offset a little bit, but not enough. I attached a file where the UPS has its rack ears mounted 62mm in from the front of the device. This device should stick out 62mm in front of the rack. The file also includes a sheet layer where I think my challenge with half-rack rear mounted devices are clear. Half-rack rear mounted and symbol insertion point Test.vwx
  5. Yes, but that removes the socket name label as well?
  6. Possible bugs, or me doing something wrong? 1. A rear mounted half-rack equipment item drawn on the left side in rack elevation comes up on the right side in 3D layout. 2. When a symbol is used for an equipment item, it seems like the 3D layout does not take into consideration the symbol insertion point? For example when the rack ears are situated 30mm back from the front of a device. So it really should stick out from the rack in the front but is placed too far back with the front of the symbol in line with the rack strips. Also this could have been corrected with the mounting depth option, but seems like that value can't be negative? So moving it further in to the rack is the only option?
  7. Thank you @Nikolay Zhelyazkov and @Conrad Preen. I am fairly new to both both Vectorworks and ConnectCAD so I appreciate all help with workarounds and other tips and tricks. I want to ask a related question though. My goal is to have 3D connectors in the panels in Rack 3D Layout. It is probably better to edit the con_xxx symbols to be hybrid symbols to utilize the "get connectors" workflow, but although I can make it work it is kind of wonky since 2D top/plan orientation needs to be different from the 3D orientation to be placed correctly in the 3D rack. And if I view the Rack 3D Layout in top/plan or the Rack Elevation in any other view than top/plan it does not work. Any insight to how this can be done in the most efficient way? I wonder also if it is possible to remove the panel text (CTP_xxx) in Rack 3D Layout like it is in Rack Elevation?
  8. I have made custom hybrid symbols for some connector panels. Using them in Rack Elevation works as expected, but in Rack 3D Layout the symbol "breaks" and the connectors is not displayed where it should. If i place the symbol directly on the same layer it behaves fine. Can anyone help me identify what I have done wrong? Vectorworks 2022. Attached is a screenshot of how it looks on my end with the symbol placed with equipment item in the rack to the right, and the symbol dragged in to the left. Rack 3D Layout Test.vwx
  9. Thanks @Conrad Preen a) I know, and I have done it b) This is what I am doing now, but it produces errors with the "Check Drawing" command. Am I doing something wrong? And do you have any suggestions to where I can denote which pins a circuit/signal use in a connector/socket? And remember this can be different in source/destination. -Rune
  10. I am looking for suggestions on how others tackle connectors with more than one signal type. I am trying to draw a schematic with a connector panel consisting of 5 pin XLRs. The first three pins are audio and originates from a processor with 3 pin XLRs. Pin 4 and 5 are a proprietary databus signal for remote monitoring the speakers. Later on I will run into the same issue with Veam/LK37 multipin connectors where 6 circuits (18 pins) are audio, but there is also the same remote signal in addition to 5 pins going to a laser/inclinometer system with power +/-, laser on and data +/- pins. I can see this becoming an issue for others as well. The hybrid connector market are growing.
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