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  1. Maybe I wasn't clear. Every advance in tecnology come from multiple ways, there's always and influence. It doesn't matter the source if is well implemented... if it works and solves problems. That's why Ray's video post is excelent!
  2. About Fireware or IEEE 1394. From Wikipedia: FireWire is Apple Inc.'s name for the IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus. It was initiated by Apple and developed by the IEEE P1394 Working Group, largely driven by contributions from Apple, although major contributions were also made by engineers from Texas Instruments, Sony, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, and INMOS/SGS Thomson (now STMicroelectronics). Apple intended FireWire to be a serial replacement for the parallel SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) bus while also providing connectivity for digital audio and video equipment. Apple's development began in the late 1980s, later presented to the IEEE,[2] and was completed in 1995. As of 2007, IEEE 1394 is a composite of four documents: the original IEEE Std. 1394-1995, the IEEE Std. 1394a-2000 amendment, the IEEE Std. 1394b-2002 amendment, and the IEEE Std. 1394c-2006 amendment. On June 12, 2008, all these amendments as well as errata and some technical updates were incorporated into a superseding standard IEEE Std. 1394-2008.[3] Sony's implementation of the system, known as "i.LINK" used a smaller connector with only the four signal circuits, omitting the two circuits which provide power to the device in favor of a separate power connector. This style was later added into the 1394a amendment.[2] This port is sometimes labeled "S100" or "S400" to indicate speed in Mbit/s. The system is commonly used for connection of data storage devices and DV (digital video) cameras, but is also popular in industrial systems for machine vision and professional audio systems. It is preferred over the more common USB for its greater effective speed and power distribution capabilities, and because it does not need a computer host. Perhaps more importantly, FireWire makes full use of all SCSI capabilities and has high sustained data transfer rates, a feature especially important for audio and video editors. Benchmarks show that the sustained data transfer rates are higher for FireWire than for USB 2.0, especially on Apple Mac OS X with more varied results on Microsoft Windows.[4][5] ----- It's looks like is a standard by Apple... Maybe it's the same with OpenCL... ?Why not the minidisplay port? ?Because it isn't from msft? ?Why not the USB? Because... Excelent video Ray!!!
  3. Try Sat (acis solids) and Iges. Vw supports both and rhino too. This is an image from of a model imported in Vw from Rhino in Sat. Vw 2009. Rhino Beta for Mac. This is the source of the model: http://rhinotoday.com/free-3dm-models/
  4. Why you don't use viewports? Maybe you can use class overrides.
  5. I understand that Grand Central solves that problem. The core system will be responsible for multiprocessing a task. http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=334 http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jul/17/news.computing
  6. I'll be more than glad to post all those things...
  7. Advanced Render is far superior on R11. You can match the quality of vray, without problems. I readed somewhere that AR R11 is developed in conjuction with the people of VRay.
  8. It can be. But don't group them!
  9. WIP: This is a project (not so big), that we are working on, in a few weeks it will be completed and we will input more info. Reggarding the things that are in discussion in this thread: 1. All the drawings are derivated completely from the 3d model. Only annotations are 2d. 2. We used: walls, floors, roof faces, pillars, extrude, extrude along path, solids operations, fillet 3d, hardscape, fillet 2d (for nurbs paths) and hybrid symbols (stairs). 3. We used windows and doors, then we replaced it with our custom made symbols. 4. There are 4 models. 1 Model for kitchens. 1 Model for bathrooms. 1 Structural Model and 1 model for the architecture. Workgroup references used for link the four models in one called: Monitor model. It acts like a central model. 5. All classes are custom. Render: maxwellrender via cinema4d. In this extract aren't include the kitchens and bathrooms models. 6. I'll post our conclusions on the overall project in the near future. These conclusions will be over colaboration, modeling workflow and documentation. Until now most of them are positives.
  10. Are you using Nurbs? I don't have that problem; Nurbs Curves (1 Degree). Can't be grouped!
  11. Life's too short not to keep this option open Mr Gog. At the end of the day we can argue until the cows come home about the details but ultimately, for me at least, it's about enjoying life. Totally true, Christiaan. About 3d and enjoying life: I make 3d all the time, it's really good... the problem comes when we have to make it looks like a 2d plan, for all the uses that our industry requires. That's a pain. We loose more life on that. For now that's not my part, so I'm lucky. I wonder how many time does it take to learn a new software. Learn its glitches and workarounds (every software have they). Does the future development of our choice (Vw), will give us the things that we're needing and asking for? I hope for that. The concept of BIM is in development. I had tested ArchiCAD many times, it's a good application, but it has it's lacks too. Same for Revit. I think it's too early to say which BIM application it's the right one. That's why: Threads like this one, with NNA people participating on it, can greatly make the difference. I hope the industry evolve to the 3d world (hope it not take 20 years more). Working with BIM will be more enjoyable... Sorry, for my english.
  12. Charlie, Christiaan, I'm with you. I think the success of Vw (Minicad, before) was it ease of use and logical approach, among other things. That's why it was (still is) a choice instead of Autocad. NNA can't loose the focus on ease of use. Reggarding to this, I think Vw has the proper structure to be an efficient, easy of use and powerful piece of software like photoshop. But it lacks some integration: Why 2d locus and 3d locus? Why 2d Reshape and 3d Reshape? Why 2d Selection and 3d Selection? Why extrudes have one handle (must be 3) in 3d reshape mode and a extruded circle have two (that's ok). Mulltiple extrudes doesn't have it. Why does polygons have a close option and polylines doesn't? This happens with objects, too. Every kind of object has it's own interface an use, why not a consolidated one. Why column and pillar? Why all objects doesn't clean up in hidden line rendering: like walls, floors and pillar does? BIM is part of that consolidation. Geometry and information well integrated, without confusion for the end user. I'm confident that NNA will make Vw evolve. I don't think changing platform it's a good solution over time. Threads like this one, with NNA people participating on it, can greatly make the difference. Sorry, for my english.
  13. I had to install Sp1 because of this. Why you dont't report it. I already did it!
  14. I think it's a waste of time the issue the door and windows labels only shows in top plan. I support this wish...and the other, too.
  15. Maybe we can link threads: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=24441&Number=115891#Post115891
  16. I downgraded to SP1 and the problem is solved. I think it's a bug in SP2.
  17. Is someone in problems with this conditions in SVP: A. Set advanced properties to show attributes by class. Separate cross sections. B. Use class for object beyond section plane. C. The B item doesn't work, making the section unusable because there's no control of the line thicknes for the background objects.
  18. I think objects with coplanar faces should have this option for hidden line rendering.
  19. I think you can Group the pdf... then you have coordinates in the oip.
  20. Are you using the plug in that came inside the Vw2009 dvd or the previus plug in?
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