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  1. I tried the same thing. It works well when the extrudes are perpendicular to the ground plane, but It doesn't work with rotated extrudes that aren't perpendicular to the ground plane (check the attach).
  2. Hello all Vectorscripters! Is there a way to make the posted by pat script work with 3d rotated objects (extrudes)? Thanks in advance!
  3. lcda, maybe this can make your life nicer: 1. auto join walls crashes program on all versions since MiniCad 6: on a very specific situation, when you make a wall after other wall aligned it makes like an infinite line and crashes. Solved in Vw 2010. 2. Why can not fix objects positions and rotation with cursor in ISOMETRIC view and objects in x,y,z, lilke all 3d software cinema, sketchup, acad i mean like the tool for manipulating nurbs but just for moving or rotating an object 2.B why can not fix a point a vertex or a face in mesh tool with cursor Solved in Vw 2010. (works like a charm). 3. why can not touch face an move it like in 2d view. Use the "protrusion tool", and in some cases use 3d reshape. 4. why is so difficult to use the extend tool and it does't work almost for anything I use it constantly: Extend Tool work with Lines, Arcs and Polylines, also with Nurbs Curves and Nurbs Surfaces. 5. is it too difficult to put auto join walls and zoom line thickness on main page i mean i use both of this all the time and i have to go preferences etc etc I use a script to toggle them... it's an easy one (published some years ago by Robert Anderson): Auto Join Walls (On Off): {BEGIN VECTORSCRIPT} PROCEDURE Boolean_Pref_Toggle; CONST kPref = 33; BEGIN SetPref(kPref,NOT(getPref(kPref))); END; RUN(Boolean_Pref_Toggle); {END VECTORSCRIPT} For Zoom line thickness: Change 33 with 9... 6. why can not divide a 3d face with a line like Sketchup with just one line Use the protrusion's extrude curve mode. It will do exactly that. In Vw 2010 is even better. Hope this helps!
  4. Scale duplications: x, y, z... like the duplicate array. Ty.
  5. Lloyd NB: That's why I consider they as containers! You can have one inside the other or across the others!
  6. I think this is the way. Remember to turn associate dimensions in document preferences.
  7. The problem is your minimum elevation (settings, throught Obj Info)... it's above your DTM... type "0"... and everything will work.
  8. About what Vincent C posted: - walls need to be drawn in every level/layer to be visible. In revit, a 'tall' wall created in 1st floor plan, shows up in the 2nd floor plan as well. Not so in VW. ? I' ll like to have something like this in Vw Layers (maintaining it's actual structure). Layer or Level is a matter of concept. I think Vw layers must be named as containers to be fully understandable. They are very powerful and productive. - walls won't automatically attach to roofs. ? I hope that with Parasolid inside of Vw, all geometry interaction becomes available... not only for walls or roofs. - Sheet management is where I think VW needs to catch up with Revit. Section and detail callouts will not automatically update when you move your views across different sheets. ? Drawing coordination is as good example of advancement in this area. I don't think it stop there. Sheets, Drawing labels, Sections Instances, Borders and Drawing Lists are very well coordinated, and updates automatically. Some thoughts: I don't like applications like Revit or Archicad, by the fact that they rely mainly in objects. At first they look more productive, but get stuck when particular geometry problems arises, a building is full of that particulars problems, too. The concept that NNA is implementing is more sophisticated and productive. NNA needs more time to propagate the Parasolid to whole Vectorworks, and develop their ideas about industrial design in architectural softwares. Industrial Design software, are by far better and best suited than today's CAD or BIM. They can produce, evaluate, estimate and construct direct from their solutions. Aero-Spatial industry is a good example. The Archicad's or Revit's approach to BIM isn't the only one, nor the right one; NNA has another and Ghery Technologies other. Vectorworks 2010 has some innovative and interesting capabilities, the more you use it the more you like it. 3d modeling and 3d snapping rocks. Sometime's found myself modeling for about an our in an stactic isometric view, complex geometries, without making mistakes, using any type of objects and geometry (3d power pack and unified view are awesome). Vw's future is promising. Sorry for my english... Hope this helps!
  9. Lines should disappear when coplanar faces exists (for any kind of object). In section viewports: merge objects with same attributes. My two cents.
  10. Thickness for glass in doors, windows, window wall.
  11. In FM: Bevels are only present at the solid beam option... Bevels should be in: a.. Cool formed steel channel. b.. Steel Section. c.. Custom profile. You don't get the cut height (as happens in feature in wall). I think those are the things that should exist in the column object, too.
  12. Totally right!!!.. with control over the profile (like extrude along path) and the possibility to add and subtract solids (like feature in wall).
  13. Gable inset and eave overhang must be equal, at least.
  14. Vw used to draw the square brush built in Mac Os. That was a huge problem... Os X changed it to a round one. It's really better. Anyway, is something regarding to the platform and not Vw.
  15. You will find the plug-ins in your Cinema 4d installation. Look inside . There's a version for 2010 plug-in in Cinema 4d 11.5 . I think the 2009 plugin work on 2010, without major problems.
  16. It's looks more a problem from your system and not Vector's one. It's all I can say.
  17. Of course: you can use: dxf, 3ds, or the Cinema4d plug in.
  18. I'll do all my modeling in Vectorworks... and export to Cinema 4d all the time. Some few tips: 1. Use Dxf instead of 3ds, if you don't need textures to be exported 1.2 If you use dxf disable: solids as acis solids 1.3 If you use dxf enable: decompose 3d objects 1.4 If you use dxf enable: triangulate to preserve fills 2. Don't use Unified view while exporting 3. 3d Conversion resolution (Vw preferences) controls the density of polygons for export. 4. Try the cinema 4d export plug in if you want: instances, cameras and lights 5. Always export in top (not top plan) 6. Align layers views if model is in different layers (all layers needs to be in top view) I never lose any information while exporting. Hope this helps.
  19. 1. Text Justify. 2. Call Out tool: More database controls, up-down (sections and descriptions)
  20. I think the history is complete different after the adoption of parasolid.
  21. Check this... http://www.laiserin.com/features/issue26/feature01.pdf
  22. This for me! + yours! -3d Snapping. Fantastic. -New options in walls (feature in wall). -Save referenced symbol (original document). -Drawing Coordination
  23. Check this: http://interiorcad.org/index.php?id=172&L=1 Maybe they can help you.
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