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  1. I know this is a month old, but... Look at Shadow Cloud Gaming. I have one friend running Vectorworks on it. Basically at this point you are remotely accessing an 8-core/12gig/GTX1080 computer. Your local machine is basically a KVM switch. It will run on almost any Windows 10, Mac, Android, or iOS device. You are limited to one screen though.
  2. I did have to edit the 2D component of the Breakout label, as the text boxes were too small to fit the multiple circuit numbers when you have two-fers, but Its working perfect now.
  3. Thanks Jesse. That's where I started and I the labels were still not populating for some reason, opened a new document and it worked fine. Who knows.It was an old file I started with, so there could have been something funky going on in there.
  4. I have had this problem occasionally. Even though people have always insisted that all objects in vectorworks have double faced normals, an nobody had a way to check normals in Vectorworks. I think maybe they are correct, but the reversed normals are an artifact of the export. I have inadvertently printed a solid block of PLA, because Vectorworks reversed the normals on one of my models. The solution I use is to open the object in Blender and check and fix all the normals before importing it into MA3D. I don't remember the exact process, but Blender is free and with a bit of Googling, I figured it out pretty quick. One other suggestion, If you don't need to see the legs or construction of the stage decks, set your deck style to "simple". This will basically just export it as a solid box. This is a lot less for MA3D to render.
  5. Using VW 2020. This probably comes down to my lack of understanding on creating and editing records, but any help would be appreciated. I cannot seem to find a tutorial that explains these tools in depth. When using the multi cable tool, and circuiting fixtures using "assign multicable circuits" tool, shouldn't the circuit 1-6 fields in the breakout label be able to auto fill with the channel numbers? If so, how do I change what field those are linked to? Also, using the using "assign multicable circuits" by default, it sets 2 fields, circuit name and circuit number, how do I make both of those go into just the number field? So the Circuit number would be "A1" rather than "A" being in the name field, and "1" being in the number field. Third, is there a way to have the "assign multicable circuit" tool only assign circuits and not draw the cable paths? Or maybe just have the paths in a separate class that stays hidden?


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