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  1. Hi! Good Morning. I'm having a little problem with my Open GL views. I put my heliodon info in my city, with my parameters but i don´t know why the image in my camera views turns this "greenish" color when i turn my shadows on. I'm attaching both pictures, the one without shadows but with the heliodon, and the one with the heliodon shadows, PLUS the one without the heliodon on so you can see the difference, to see if someone can help? I'm also showing you my heliodon info to see if maybe i'm doing something wrong that's causing this color problem. Thanks! Carolina Hdz.
  2. @Pat Stanford Hi Pat! I did had Row 3 and changed the formula, it worked!! Hope VW fixes the bug, thank you so much!
  3. Hi! I have a problem creating reports after i made my Property Line. In the videos i've watched it says the report creates automatically when you make your Property Line but in my case, i can't find it or create it with Tools: Reports: Create Reports: Preformatted Report: Property Line-Segments I don't know if i'm doing it the right way or if i missed a step or something. I attach a photo of what i get when i do the report. Thanks!


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