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  1. Hi I'm finding a way to add sink model to Base Cabinet. Can it auto cut the top of cabinet in Vectorworks? Thank Travis
  2. Great. It Search box similar with Cinema 4D search box. It willspeed up production. I also like method of picking view.
  3. Hi Kevin I copy rectange, It did not work Sorry, I could not share file. It' simple cubes and NURBS surface, you could build for testing.
  4. Hi @Pat Stanford @michaelk 1/ when use Group object, they will not work with Section Solid. It work with Add Solid. 2/ When I run Edit Solid. Then Edit Solid again to copy other 3 cubes. This is result: They did not cut with new 3 cube. what I should do next?
  5. Hi I try run Section Solid Can I remove Section Solid command? Because I intent to change design, add more cube. Thank Travis
  6. Hi I try exporting simple cube with fillet to Rhino (3dm file). They will consider as seperate surfaces. It's not close polysurface(solid). I try join these surface, they will be open polysurface, it mean they are not solid. Are there exporting option? How can I fix it? Thank
  7. Hi yes they have this feature in Subdivision mode. It only show when edit Subdivision. As I mentioned, I suggest this feature will affect to solid, surface and control point.
  8. I have 2 suggestions: 1/ Add feature Box mode view, when work with Subdivision tool: 2/ Add Gumbal tool, We can quick manipulate Vertex, Edge and Face when work with solid model, and poly. Thank Travis
  9. Hi CipesDesign Thank you. I found this video:
  10. Hi I'm new in Subdivision tool in Vectorwork. Are there box mode in Subdivision tool? I watch tutorial but I did not see them select faces, edge or vertex. Can we manipulate these things in Vectorworks Subdivision? Travis
  11. Hi I try to make holes as show in picture. wall depth is 0.1m I want to make hole 0.01m How can I do it in Vectorworks?
  12. Hi I try creating new story. Base on default VW setting 1/ Delete Roof story. 2/ New 3-Story with same setting with 2-Story: I try to draw wall in wall in 1-Story then switch to 2-Story and 3-Story. Then Paste In Place. But when I active Layer 3-Story. They are not show wall in 1-Story and 2-Story. When active 1-Story can see 2-Story but not 3-story When active 1-Story can see 2-Story but not 3-story 5 Stories House v1.vwx 5 Stories House v1.vwx
  13. Hi I'm find a way to apply setting of spot light from one to others. By the way, can we do it in BIM schedule?
  14. Thank @Hans-Olav I did it. Do I need to group all of them back?
  15. mov format is not work with vlc. I use Window media. It work. Thank.
  16. @Hans-Olav Please check video, there's nothing.
  17. Hi I create 2 roofs. Draw 2 rectangles/create roof 1, then create roof 2. This is Gable roof. How can I join 2 roofs? delete part of interior.
  18. Hi scottmoore, I do not intent to make line light. It's error. I'm looking for solution. I just use Direction Light Mode ( exterior). Light will go through window. I use default window in Vectorworks.
  19. Hi scottmoore, I do not model line light. I just use Direction Light Mode ( exterior). Light will go through window. I use default window in Vectorworks. Do you have any idea?
  20. Hi I setup scene then use Renderworks. There are a line of light in a wall. How can I fix it? This is attached file Vectorworks 2020: Project 01 - Scandinavian Scene.vwx
  21. Hi grant_PD I agree with you. I should Sent to Cinema 4D then add Ficus_Lyrata_Plant model It work well and fast rendering. Thank again grant_PD
  22. Hi grant_PD I did it. thank a lot. After import my laptop become very lag. I only open new file and import this model. Do you know reason?
  23. Hi zoomer It's control the scale of planar but It's difficult with NURBS and Sphere I try Duplicate Along Path, but can not edit after. Do we have any way to Array object, then come back and edit?
  24. I try VBvisual plant. But they are almost outdoor tree. I need import model Ficus_Lyrata_Plant because It's important in Scandinavian style.
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