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  1. Thanks for your help - I got things to work by referencing into a new file.
  2. How and for what should I check the fonts and symbols? What other steps do I need to take to unlock my files? I never had any troubles with VW10.5...
  3. I tried all the layers - lines were the only objects I could select or modify. I also tried selecting standard views (i.e., Front) of the layers with walls, etc on them, and got no such view.
  4. I opened an old file yesterday and found that all elements of the drawing apart from simple lines (including walls, windows, dimensions, etc.) were not editable nor even selectable - they're just background. I'd really like to be able to use these files, rather than redraw everything. I haven't seen anything like this discussed - is there a fix? I'm using VW 11.5 on Mac OS 10.4, and the files in question were created on VW 10.5 on Mac OS 10.3, neither of which I have access to anymore. Thanks for your help.
  5. emo

    Weird PDF results

    The built in writer.
  6. Lately when I try to plot to a PDF file, the image comes out as a series of recangles with small white lines between. Everything else is correct, and I have previously been able to do this with no problems. It doesn't matter what printer I have selected. I have even tried to scoot the rectangles together in Adobe Illustrator, but though they show up as seperate entities, they can't be moved seperately. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm running VW 10.5 on Mac 10.3 Thanks, Erin
  7. Something strange is happening when I use massing models as site modifiers. I just put about 100 buildings onto a site as massing models. I sent them all to the surface, then regenerated the site model. Though they are all between 12 and 48 feet tall, most of them only look 1 or 2 feet tall on the dtm. They do all show up, but only 4 of them are the correct height on the site model. I can't find anything different about the settings for these four. The massing models themselves all appear to be the correct height, and if I put the site model on the same layer, they appear to float on the surface. I've tried manually adjusting the Z value to something 20' higher than the elevation that resulted from the send to surface command, but then all I get is the dreaded miscellaneous error 20,2. I need the buildings to be part of the same mesh as the site so I can plot to a milling machine. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong and how I can fix it? Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving, Erin vw10.5 mac 10.3.1
  8. I'm having trouble cutting sections of a dtm. I need 15 sections. I cut the first ten no problem. Upon attempting the 11th, I got a miscellaneous error 20,2. I tried the remaining sections, and all gave errors. I regenerated the dtm, restarted the program, restarted the computer, all to no avail. In addition to the error message, I am also getting another object which looks like a polyline. This is in the exact shape of the polygon I tried to cut with, directly on top of the polygon. What can I do to get these sections? I have vw 10.5 on Mac OS 10.3 Thanks, Erin
  9. emo

    dtm challenges

    I have the site just how I want it, but it extends beyond the area I want to use. Is there any way to cut off part of the terrain model? I've tried Subtract Solids, but I get the message "You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve the condition and try again." which I would be happy to do if I could tell just what the condition is. I have been trying to subtract a large box from the site model. The box totally encloses the portion of the model I'd like to remove. Any tips? Thanks, Erin
  10. emo

    dtm challenges

    Thanks Robert. Massing models work great.
  11. emo

    dtm challenges

    I'm running Vectorworks 10.5 on Mac OS 10.3. I have both Architect and Landmark.
  12. emo

    dtm challenges

    I'm trying to prepare a site model for a CNC milling machine. I need the data in an stl file as one continuous grid. I have the land form info, but I need to put a couple of simple buildings onto the site. I have tried making pads of the apppropriate elevation with very tight fences, but they keep showing up floating below the ground surface rather than extruded above. Is there any way to join an extruded 3D polygon with the dtm grid so I end up with one entity that shows both building and site? Or is there a pad trick I haven't found yet? Or something else entirely? Thanks, Erin
  13. I'm having a strange problem between VW 8.5.2 on Mac OS 9.0.4 and my HP deskjet 932C. Everything was fine until some time yesterday. I had printed several version of the same document with no problem. Then, and ever since, when I try to print it, it freezes while spooling to disk. I tried copying all the layers to a new file, but this new file also crashes. I've tried printing each layer seperately, and I think I've isolated a few that seem to be causing trouble. Is there anything I can do short of re-drawing these layers? Strangely, these are not the layers I was changing. I have no problems with other applications, or other files in VW. Thanks in advance. emo
  14. emo

    Flat DTM

    I've just started exploring DTM. I made a few little practice mountains, etc., this morning, and they worked out just fine. Then I scanned in a countour map, traced the contours, and tried to model them. I set the elevation for each contour, and selected 'New DTM,' and everything seemed fine. When I view the 3D_Polys_3D layer in Plan, all the triangles show up. Sadly, when I switch to 3D view and rotate the model, it is all flat. It rotates like a sheet of paper, but all my lovely contours are stuck on the same level. I checked them out in the data layer, and they each have the appropriate (different) Z value. I removed the DTM and re-assigned elevations, and got the same result. Does anyone know what is causing this and how I can fix it? I'm running VW 8.5.2 on Mac OS 9.0.4 thanks, emo
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