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  1. Pat, thanks for getting back to me.


    I have a series of 'exhibition cases' in 3d ( they are essentially a box with another ' glass' box on top of them) that I would like to be able to make wider and shorter through the OIP. I was looking at Dom's examples of making columns and windows wider, higher and thought I could use his node to do this. His post is  below.


    Is that sufficient information?


    Many thanks



  2. Hi


    I have been trying to use the reshape node in marionette to make an object that I can change the size of in the object info palette. . I have been  following the great tutorials by DomC but can't get it to work.


    I have made the object I wish to change the size of as a group with the dimensions labelled with a prefix to link to the marionette node in a different group. Then grouped this all as a symbol and made it into an object node. I think I am failing to link the object to the marionette script somehow. I have made a very simple file to learn but can't understand what's not working. I am just beginning with Marionette so excuse me if its obvious. Would anyone be able to help me or point me in the direction of some more tutorials?


    Many thanks


  3. Hi


    I want to create a series of different sized rectangles using worksheet data, label them with data from the worksheet, and create symbols for each rectangle and label. I have made the script using marionette but cant get the script to input the labels names. It just returns '0.0' rather than the text in the worksheet.


    I have attached the file.


    If anyone can help that would be great?  




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