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  1. Have you tested the Gimp Print driver on the HP DJ 500? I asked the good people at SourceForce and they have not tested the plotter with their software. I am looking to purchase and HP plotter and would like the 500 but I want to be sure that Gimp Print will do the job. I use Mac OSX 10.2.6 and VW 10.2.
  2. I am (or was) planning to purchase the same plotter for use with VW 10 and Mac OX X 10.2.6. Can anyone tell me if the Gimp Print driver mentioned earlier by Riess works with this plotter? Certainly someone has tried it to solve the corrupt file problem. Thanks.
  3. Have you tried Gimp Print as a driver for the plotter?
  4. Have you tried Gimp Print as a driver?
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