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  1. Would the image not scale automatically as the 3d Polygons change size?
  2. Robert Thanks for the link. This will certainly help me for now. However, the trees seem to only download as .dw files. How do I get these into Vectorworks?
  3. So the only solution is to model the plant forms myself out of 3d Polys - which is going to be hugely time consuming. I'm not after photorealism in these symbols but rather an approximate representation of their form. In fact I am very happy with the representation of the symbols that are given and the ability to edit them. There is just a lack of them. As a Landscape Architect, I bought Vectorworks Landmark for its ability to design and present in 3D. OBVIOUSLY plant material is a large part of what we do and therefore for Landmark to be so lacking in this department (in 3D terms) is a real let down. The lack of these 3d symbols and the inability to import images as I mentioned above is a huge disadvantage to the Landscape Architect using Landmark as their 3D design tool. Even the basic "$40 wonder" off the shelf Landscape software has a large library of 3d symbols/images and their scale is linked to their height and spread. Please add this item to the wish list for future updates.---> It would only need a dozen or so more 3D symbols to be able to represent plant material other than triangular Evergreens or round Desciduous trees such as; Grasses, Vines, Hedges, V-shape trees, Specimen trees, weeping trees etc. Have a look at the images at www.imagecels.com for the shapes of various plant material. Once the basic shape is there, then it can be modified my the user. Thanks for your time on this. Ben
  4. Thanks Robert I have been playing around with the 3d symbols, editing them in the 3D_PSyms folder in the System Folder of my file. I took an existing plant symbol, made a duplicate and then 'boxed' it with two crossing 3d polygons equal to the originals height and spread. I then deleted the original to leave the two intersecting polygons. These now scale according to the height and spread settings. Now all i need to do is Texture or Attach an image to the faces of the polygons so that when they render they show the image of the tree. Is this possible? If so how? This would open up endless possibilities.
  5. So am I limited to the 6 plant symbols provided? If so, are there going to be more symbols, i.e. plant shapes other than triangular evergreens or round deciduous, added in any later versions?
  6. I am trying to expand my 3d plant symbol capability for rendering and walkthroughs- since we are only given 6 3d plant symbols with Landmark. I have gone to www.imagecels.com who provide the 2d images. Is this the best way forward or has anyone come across any other 2d/3d symbols basic or complex. At the moment I pick my plant, pick the 3D symbol to use for it and assign its height and spread which then scales the symbol automatically. Will I be able to set up the program with 2d images to behave as symbols in the same way? If so, will this be time consuming? As I understand, it's a case of drawing bisecting rectangles and mapping the image to them. Does this image scale and fit exactly within this rectangle? And will I be able to scale these rectangles via the Spread and Height fields within the program? If so how easy would this be to set up? Any pointers?
  7. THanks Katie. Great suggestion. Problem solved thanks to Downloading latest driver for Video Card - GE-Force4 4200 64MB. Now working great!
  8. Hi have played around with the 3d settings and tried it both at 'detailed' and 'always' and 'responsive' and 'never'. Same thing happens no matter what - computer freezes. All other rendering options work as they should but they can't stay rendered as I rotate them so I need to use Open GL. I'm using XP Pro. Strange because I didn't have this problem with my last machine. Could it be because the last one had a Pentium 4 2Ghz and this one has a Centrino Mobile 1.6Ghz processor? What is the optimum factor for Open GL? Is it the Processor, the RAM, or Video Card? Please let me know as I may have to return this Laptop and get what I need. Thanks
  9. I've just bought a new Laptop - supposedly faster and better than my last so that I can rotate and walkthrough 3d Models and retain the rendered image in Open GL mode. It worked on my last Laptop, just slowly, and took a while to render. Now on my new Laptop it renders fast but when I try to flyover or walkthrough, the screen freezes for about a minute and then turns completely fuzzy until I re-render. Is this an operating system issue? Any suggestions? My new Laptop is running 1GB Ram and 1.6GHz Intel Centrino M and 64M Video Card.
  10. Trying to add a simple property line to my model using the property line tool. BUT...when I click it and move the cursor onto the page the tool deselects and the tool reverts back to the 2D selector autmoatically!!!! VERY FRUSTRATED!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  11. For the stairs to show on a 2D plan with fill and non-red pen color, would I have to draw separate 2D objects as well as the pads?
  12. What is the quickest method of inserting some solid steps/stairs in the slope of a DTM model. Is it a case of creating them from extrudes etc and then using site modifiers to cut away at the bank and placing the extrude? Or is there another way less time consuming? Also, is there a way of producing the steps as a hybrid symbol so that they display with their fill color in a 2D plan?
  13. I've upgraded to 10.5 and this has solved the problem. Sorry, I don't have the file anymore for you to research.
  14. Good answer Robert!! Went workspace editor and selected the tool, clicked OK and it now works. Thanks!!
  15. I've just upgraded to 10.5 and now when I go to insert a title block, all of the text is in 'Windings' font. I have gone to Text>Font and the first time I used 10.5 it was set on 'Windings'. I have changed this to Arial now. Now when I insert a Title Block the editable fields come out in Arial (AFTER) I type what I want in there but the 'permanent' text (labels) of the Title block is still Windings. Any ideas how I can get my Title Blocks readable again?


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