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  1. In this Mouldings plugins package, there is the possibility to create your own profiles library (to add in the existing libraries menu / dialog). Libraries are used by all the plugins of the package: Moulding on 2D Path Moulding on 3D Path Frame (Rectangular) Siding Corner Frames (Array) The tool to create profiles is called Save Profile to File cpf, it requires you select the polyline (or polygon), click on the insertion point (used by the plugins), then save to a .cpf file that is actually a text file. The file produced appears like this (a crown profile, in this case): CORNICI_Profile_File 2 1 moveTo(0, -5.45330085889904); lineTo(0, -4.53856277202472); lineTo(-0.441941738241592, -4.09662103378312); lineTo(-0.618718433538227, -4.09662103378312); lineTo(-4.09662103378311, -0.618718433538241); lineTo(-4.09662103378313, -0.441941738241589); lineTo(-4.53856277202473, 0); lineTo(-5.15330085889915, 2.1316282072803e-14); lineTo(-5.15330085889913, -0.79999999999999); ArcTo(-3.8483168972336, -0.998963062315383, 2.28525471487043); lineTo(-3.36867413939314, -2.22880543645175); ArcTo(-2.82778252416896, -3.61569477720361, 2.98477656112482); lineTo(-1.39454361649037, -4.01800313708096); lineTo(-1.3945436164904, -4.35175753780095); ArcTo(-0.500000000000035, -4.53930776780022, 1.12549345439392); lineTo(-0.500000000000036, -5.45330085889907);
  2. My suggestion, take a look at this: https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html It's 20$ for the full package, but it does more than just mouldings along path! There is also a demo version to download and a couple of videos that shows how it operates. P. B.
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