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  1. For this project I can shorten the names, yes. But sometimes I work in environments where the equipment names are defined by others, and in those cases I will likely need to stick with whatever names already exist. Anyway, if it's not possible to shrink them I'll shorten the names. Thanks very much for taking a look at this.
  2. Sure thing, this is what I'm looking at. My full width devices look great, but I'd love to shrink the text on the half rack devices.
  3. Thanks for the lightning quick reply! That works great for 2D rack elevations, but I can't get it to work for the 3D rack labels. Is there a similar command that might work in 3D?
  4. Does one have to do anything to a drawing to make the text shrink? I've applied SP3.1, but my drawing still has rack item labels that spill out of the rack. I can't find any new commands or controls to change the text size.
  5. While this is being looked at, would it be possible to make the max number something larger than 45? I've got a project that is using Middle Atlantic VMRK racks, which are 54 RU tall. For now I'm making racks like "RACK1_TOP" and "RACK1_BOT" and then copying into a "dumb" (non-ConnectCAD) drawing that has the full height to make PDF deliverables. It works, but it would be wonderful to lose this step from my workflow. Otherwise, loving the speed and other improvements in v2020!


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